Winter blues

I stare at the timeless winter landscape as if everything becomes empty due to the cold.

Even my mind turns blank, working on my daily post; I was quite desperate for ideas.  

Wind up the blinds, the street seemingly remain unchanged yet there is some weary stiffness lies within the atmosphere.

There weren’t any piles of snows on the road nor sight of snowing can be seen in the Sydney region. 

Passer by wrapped their hands with gloves and some tucked them in their pockets. 

I wish to snuggle in my blanket as if the world is non of my concern. 

The wind drifted into the old terrace and the silence break into my room.

Every items in the room stay stills like usual but the frozen isolation is more apparent.

There is a definite in-explanatory aura revolving around people

Sickness, sluggishness and solemn gradually seeps through like venom. 

Pure looking winter looks romantic yet our unwillingness in confronting it makes it look paler.

The pale and dark winter drains the energy that was last collected during summer and spring. 

Plants are delicate yet they ensure themselves to exude their beauty throughout the chillness. 

I am here admiring their determination and compared them to the stout and majestic trees which their “hair” has disappeared earlier during the autumn. 

After I have see what I have to see, I knew I was ready to write the post. 

My both hands aren’t able to withstand the cold, yet I felt there is a warm force pushing me to punched in these words naturally and calmly. 


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