We all tend to behave like a mad scientists in life, we explore and create our personal dictionary. We assumed things, we like forming stereotypes and making judgement through curiosity. We do things that are sometimes out of the norms because we have not experience them before. We shift our perspectives from time to time as we know life is not viewed in a monochrome way, rather it is perceived as a kaleidoscopic of visionaries and images. We possess this curious nature and this constantly guides us in finding out answers and directions. Sometimes, curiosity kills us as we hesitantly react or behave without giving ourselves sufficient of time to consider the consequences.

It is disheartening to see this curiosity genuinely leads us to repulsive behaviors and sometimes we engage in dangerous activities such as drug abuse, smoking and gambling. Having a hope that everyone cultivates curiosity in a positive way so that these social problems will not embedded deeply in our society. We think everything that we do make sense and pretty much everyone categorizes the things they wish to explore and the person that they stay contact. Relationships and items are both correlate with one another as they are the entities which allow the curiosity to be put into practice. I would not say knowledge but rather information that people continuously seeking in their life. No matter who, what, how, when and why, everyone is curious about them.

Why does the next door couple ended up in a divorce?

How does the magician do that?

Where are they going for lunch?

What is the secret ingredient in this dish?

Who is your crush?

Out of the scientific context, we ask these questions and this typically and indirectly shows our curiosity and some may argue that the purpose is just to create conversation between people. Therefore, people gossip. It does not just show that curiosity is part of the popular culture but it also proves that communication is linked towards having a mind full of curiosity. Answers are still the purpose of these questions and curiosity will become more empowering if the topics, people or places to be explored are captivating.

Why do you think true stories are used widely among novels and movies? Because the fact that people are attracted towards what is happening around them compared to made up stories and these realistic events include local news, politics, wars, terrorism, celebrities and crime stories. Undeniably, I am not making a remark that people aren’t interested in animation, fiction and fake fairy tales. Curiosity really has been expanding since humans exist, we invent, we innovate, we create, we think and we analyze. Most of the things we do are part of our curiosity. If maturity and wisdom grow in someone, the decision that they make coming from curiosity will still be a right choice after all.


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