Everybody loves Hero?


Yes! I know superheroes are lovable and cute~

I have been seeing all these movie trailers and I just hope something out of the hero context type of movies will be release. However unfortunately, Hollywood is just making more and more of them. I do not understand why us as audiences love these movies in the first place. I know these movies have everything- you have a character that will be saving the world or preventing something or someone from destroying Earth. Typically, the ending will be quite predictable. 


Man of Steel aka Superman is coming soon…

So here’s another superhero movie which I am also doubtful whether Hollywood has ran out of better scripts? I am not sure whether to watch another “awesome” and “epic” Marvel comic adaption movie but from the trailer, I have somehow got fed up of all these action-packed dramatic saving the world thing. 


X-Men is classified as a hero/heroin movie too.

It is inevitable that I love watching all these movies from my previous years but I have realized sequential movies are just meant to draw in more profits from the world, rather than to genuinely produce movies that are educational, entertaining and meaningful. The first superhero movie has always turned out to be successful, captivating and interesting whereas the second or third becomes a continuum of the narrative or story-line rather than to inform audiences about the character development.


Iron Man 3 turned out to be a big hit

I was predicting that Iron Man 3 wouldn’t be particular fantastic. However, I did enjoy the entire movie. I could not possibly deny that I love happy endings but it was something that captivates me beyond those usual pictures. Every heroes have their flaws which given them time to re-discover themselves and learn to realize the antagonist’s strategies. Every hero movie is almost the same. You are just practically watching another hero doing his act against the enemy. How ironic it is! I can still accept and watch hero movies yet I am  here criticizing about them lacking of creativity and innovation.


Tobey Maguire has done his part in Spider-Man but wait! there’s more for Andrew Garfield in “The Amazing Spiderman”


Batman: Another hero has rescued America. I wonder how many more heroes are wondering around in New York (LOL)


The first Thor wasn’t too bad. Number 2 is coming out soon too!!!


Now this is interesting! We all knew that superheroes will never easily be defeated and some of them are immortal. However this time, Wolverine becomes mortal. Still stronger than any other men on Earth, will his mortality becomes a barrier in fighting against the enemies?


The Avengers.

I really thought by compiling every heroes together in a movie will definitely nail it! But, it turns out a little bit disappointing of what I was expecting. What really happens when all heroes working together? There will be conflict,  so besides having the same goal, they have to solve their problems in cooperation and willing to accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses. In reality, having all main characters acting in a movie is a challenge itself, plus there will be some unfairness in distributing the “hero” part as in who’s better in their performance. I still wish the movie can turn out much better than I thought it will be.

I understand that not everyone loves heroes and nobody despises them either. They are characters that were doing the right thing- they are not villains for us to hate them. I was just hoping the film industry will temporarily stop providing hero perspective movies and concentrate more on other amazing films out there. Sincerely, I am not an anti-hero fan. Hey! Because the hero movies are all coming out around the same period which frustrates me occasionally. Nothing big deal! I can always turn my face on other movies, do not misunderstand my intentions and opinions.

One thought on “Everybody loves Hero?

  1. An very interesting perspective! While I to some extent agree with you I cannot help but to be a big hero fan myself, haha. Heroism in general is something that humans look up to. When I watch superhero movies I usually don’t care about the fighting scenes. I always try to look deeper into the emotional layer and try to figure out how they feel, what they’re thinking etc… It brings a whole new layer to the movie.. Still, the movies are a bit of the same.. 🙂

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