Learn to let go

Humans are emotional living things. They like to hide their feelings. Sometimes these feeling are unpleasant. Eventually, a combination of different feelings accumulate and come together in a cluttered way. The nasty, the obnoxious, the repulsive side of humans take over the entire emotion. They seem to be unable to think logically, judge fairly and most importantly, calm themselves. When a problem occurs, it is the end of the world. Time only heals the problem temporary as we all understand that the problems will still be there. Naturally, people tolerate, give & take, be respectful and suppress their feelings in order to form harmonious relationships or rather to not cause anymore severe circumstances. I am not referring to merely individual relationships but rather in a wider context such as a nation, a family and a community.

One day, I went to this Malaysian restaurant in Sydney. I was given a couple of free white coffee vouchers during their opening day. I have used them on other beverages of the same price ($3.50) the other day such as Milk tea or mixed coffee tea. My next visit caught me by surprise as I was paying for the bill. I was told that the vouchers are only meant for white coffee but not for other beverages so I explained to the cashier that I have previously used the vouchers on other beverages of the same price as the white coffee. He insisted that the policy cannot be changed after seeking his employer’s decision. He explained to me that there must be some of the misunderstanding going on with the organization and system. I was totally put off, frustrated, shown him my dissatisfaction and kept on arguing the same point over and over again. Yet I know deep down under, he is just a worker which has no right to go against his employer. In the end I rethink what’s the point of making myself upset when I am not the one at fault. So, I learn to let go. 

No matter what! We still need to learn to let go of pain and anger as they will soon become past and unpleasant memories. Collecting them is like putting a time bomb, you never know when is the explosion. Confide someone, talk off your problem and always be optimistic of life. When you are angry with someone because of their wrongdoings, try not taking in for so long. You may think that people will understand their mistakes (*minor ones) because of your actions. But have you thought that people around you may not think the same way? Rather, the label of highly sensitive, stubbornness and bad temper gradually falls on you. 

Try be angry for half an hour just to let them know that you are unhappy. Once they get the message loud and clear, inform them again with an assertive tone rather than an argumentative style. Do not make a bad situation into the worst. Just let go of yourself, free yourself from unhappiness, solemn, brokenhearted, disappointment and annoyance. 

This is not the right way to treat yourself! Everyone has the right to have emotions but do not exaggerate it, do not exceed the limits and do not affect others around you. Well, EXCEPT THE HAPPY, EXUBERANT AND JOYFUL EMOTION. You are granted to share this around the world.

When someone is not able to let go, they will resort to violence or vengeance which are something undesirable and so difficult to be removed once it gradually empowers that person’s mind. Therefore, everyone- forgive your enemy, forgive the person that betrays you, forgive those that have treat you badly and forgive the ones that have make you suffer. They are all life contributors to your learning process, you learn to be bold, determined, strong and patient. You learn to control, you learn to understand, you learn the mistakes. 

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