Thoughts on Holidays (as a student)

During holidays, I used to be so enthusiastic. I have plans on what to do, what to watch and just go on thinking how to spend those precious time. I have come to understand holiday is a period of recuperation from the workload and take time off to do something that I have always enjoy or wish to explore.

Interestingly, I have a sense of guilt when it comes to holidays. Having an unoccupied day makes me feel empty. It is really weird that I have not promptly assimilate myself into the semester break compared to previous years. I am contented with the busy life I had, get my hands on continuous writing and thinking. I felt at ease by doing something. Just by writing this post, the familiarity of my daily schedule suddenly ooze inside of me. Frankly speaking, I did not make a remark that I did not enjoy holidays. I guess everything takes time to develop and when a new semester starts, the overdose of assignments and projects will probably kill me.  

Everyone is so eager of holidays. Working people seldom have this form of privilege, therefore I really do need to appreciate these time off periods like every other typical students. Once I step into adulthood, the chances of taking time off will be quite vague. I know I can spend a month doing countless of meaningful things- reading, writing, exercising, learning and relaxing. I find the most imperative thing to do during holidays is to find inner peace. Our mind is constantly besieged by a web of formulas, equations, questions, answers and realities. What people do during holidays is to have fun but never have they take time to actually genuinely ‘rest’. Guys would probably stay up late to play games, girls would probably glued to TV series. (So gender stereotypical! Well, just an example) 

Some of you may realize, holidays may driven a lackadaisical attitude which gradually empowers your usual lifestyle. You just want to lay in your bed, don’t feel like doing anything and it feels like something is pulling you away from all the positive virtues. Eventually, you are indulging into the habits that you wish you can break them before the new semester begins. You are not only  staying up but did not manage to be useful at home. You wanted to learn something new but fail to do so because of entertainment addiction. I can predict that many of us will transform from angels to devils once exams are over. Devils that are lured by the charming technologies, games, movies and commodities. 

Holidays allow you to rethink the past for the future. It is impossible to not think and worry about the incoming storm once holidays is over. Holidays or breaks are just temporary period to escape from realities but we still need to urge ourselves not to lead a sedentary lifestyle but fulfilling lifestyle. Holidays is not just about enjoyment but rather we should think in a perspective that it is a time to reduce the stress that has been accumulating and a period where you do most of the cognitive thinking. Myriad of options to spend holidays- some may choose to travel, some prefer spending time on their hobbies, some work and work and work to earn $$$ whereas some particularly trying on self-enhancement on certain skills or knowledge. 

In conclusion, everyone has a choice on how to manage their holiday time. Once you get that sort of feeling, it is not a bad thing I guess. You would probably know how to spend your time wisely instead of draining every seconds doing the same thing especially things that are not beneficial at all. Instead of abusing the free time given, why not take time to explore the world? Many little things that we have not take notice unpredictably may brighten up our day. Holiday happiness doesn’t come from non-stop partying and entertainment but being close to nature and consume the infinite knowledge around the world. 

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