The difference between decision and action

i was skeptical of the decision i made therefore the action taken is not prompt. The slow decision seemingly becomes a barrier for the action. Sometimes, I wonder whether is the decision maker that is at fault or the action person who is confused with the confirmation of answer from the decision maker.

In life, there are always tough choices to be made apart from choosing a simple coffee or tea but the point is the that factors which are considerate before making a decision often lead to time consuming and thus undesirable consequences. Environmental factors such as the people around you influencing the decision you are going to make and personal factors such as your attitude towards making a decision. Everything adds into it. Someone gives you opinions to guide you into making a better decision, yet in the end everything is up to you. Once you have decide, there is no turning back. Personality is crucial whether we are someone that is decisive and have the initiative to pick the road that we wish to walk towards. Some people are clear towards what they want but some just wishes that people will make the decision for them so they won’t have to think. Apart from these two categories, there is one group that wish to have the authority to decide what they want but ‘fear’ always took over.

Acting fast is also not the key solution to a decision. It is undeniable that people decide fast in the working environment, there is simply no time for personal thoughts on business, news broadcast, stocks and more of those reality issues. These reality areas may seems to be vague on looking in-depth on the social cognitive in decision making but it is equally vital, affecting the actions to be taken. Even though I am applying more on personal decisions, most actions will still be affected based on any decisions, then leading to those consequences whether you have successfully articulate the right path.

The time marks the difference between decision and action. Making a decision requires lengthening thoughts based on the past decision made and also analyzes the future outcome of these decisions. The prolong period comes from making decision whereas comparatively, action is more direct. For actions, you just do it like a robot, listening to the orders of the decision maker. Once in a blue moon, action may be rebellious against the decision because of the unfaithfulness towards one another. This generally shows that we do not always conform what we think of, we do not just act according to the choices that we thought we would. For example, you have decided to save up some money by not doing any shopping. But ironically, you still went into shops and coincidentally you found item that you cannot not have it. It does takes you a long time to decide that, yet action is always something unpredictable, going against your thoughts.

Besides that, decision is always unreliable. For example, you promised yourself that you will study hard but where’s the action? The difference is apparent as decision is subjective whereas action is objective. You can see the action but never the decision. If decision links with action then decision must be something invisibly imperative, but what if action is taken even before decision is made. Do both decision and action aligned in the rigid form or it can be more flexible than we thought? Well possibly in cases of common sense, for instance when it is raining outside, you will take an umbrella (action without decision). When outside is overcasted with dark clouds , you decide whether to bring an umbrella or just leave it (decision and action).

We tend to play both roles as decision maker and the person who takes the action. The self-construction becomes bigger as we immerse ourselves into the life of constantly making decision. We make the wrong decision and fall into the trap by doing the incorrect action. Therefore, it continuously provide us lessons that are inevitably determine the type of person we are. Nevertheless, decision and action correlates with one another and intertwine with the end product. I am sure everyone has dilemmas between decisions and often people question our actions which most of us fear of being the decision maker.

There was once I did not decide to become a dreamer, yet my action shows that I am a dreamer. I did not make a choice of loving something, yet my action tells it all. I was once being told what to do but the things I do is not my decision. The mind of human have so much going on that is relate to decisions and actions, the variety of examples depict the scenario of these two entities clearly and we unconsciously knew it all along.

One thought on “The difference between decision and action

  1. Generally I don’t read post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, quite great post.

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