Stand up straight!

According to Social psychologist Amy Cuddy, standing up straight increases your testosterone levels and decreases cortisol levels which scientifically make you feel energetic and have control over your body. 

People are getting lazier which makes it hard for anyone of us to improve our posture. You may not realize but having a good posture is the most effective way to lose weight. (I am serious!) Besides posture, I realize laziness is the biggest obstruct from achieving anything in life.

Our body simply needs to taught to go back naturally where it should be because the disadvantages of having a bad posture is a never ending list from causing injuries to muscle tension and constriction on intestinal tract. For healthy purposes, we simply read tips and ways to keep ourselves from leading a sedentary lifestyle. But before that, we do need to find out what’s wrong with our posture. It is crucial to have a doctor or chiropractor to check or diagnose any posture problem. 

When I attended gym classes that consists process of weight lifting, the instructor always remind us not to forget to stretch those constricted muscles. They are the weaken muscles which usually situated at the back of the body. The other type of weakening muscle is at front of the body which is short and tight. These factors that lead to straining of muscle and ligaments in the back, neck and sometimes shoulder as well. 

I often remind myself to sit properly while I was in front of my computer working. The proper way is sit with your bottom pushing against the back of your chair, laying both of your feet flat on the floor and remember your core. Working people or even students tend to sit down on their chair for too long, hence posture becomes an important entity. The best way is still taking a brisk walk every hour, even it is a short one. The worst posture ever is having your shoulders slumped forward and inward, straining your neck and protruding the chin. 

It is vital to know that sleeping posture is just as important as our daily posture. To form a natural curvature of our spine, we have to do some work as well. Bent your knee slightly while having a side sleeping position. Do not press on one of your arms but try to place them in front of you. To avoid any pressure on the hips, put a pillow between your knees. Of course, you may not be persuaded by me but scientists do suggest this sleeping position is better than any other positions. 

what is the best posture while standing up? Some people describe when standing or walking, imagining the top of your head has a piece of string attached and pulling you up. A good posture doesn’t equal to a stiff posture where you have to stand or walk like royalties (shoulders pull back & chin up). By simply lengthen your spine will generate a positive posture. 

you don’t just look confident by standing up straight, you look tall and healthy and don’t forget to smile as well. By having a good posture, you are fit and amiable as well on the inside and outside. 


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