Daily Prompt: The Normal

Being “normal” means being someone that doesn’t ask for too much in their lives. To me, it defines contented people, not seeking for attention, having all the freedom in the world and acting like themselves as much as they like.
Being “NORMAL” means you are not a celebrity, you are not a company’s CEO, you are not a politician, you are just someone that people wouldn’t bother to put your name on their search engine. You have a normal life, you eat like a normal people, you worried life like any other people. You are not fear of having your face publish on the entertainment magazines from time to time, you do not fear people criticize what you wear whether it is a crappy brand or a designer brand. You do not need to worry your face is big on the television screen. Yes! I reckon I am a normal person.

It is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. Everyday, we act like normal people, not knowing what the future has hold for us, we struggle in work just so we can continue this normal life we have. We dine-in in a normal restaurant and occasionally went to a more expensive one. We eat in fats-food outlet, look for sales item and take the public transport. This is normal. What is not ‘normal’? You have a helicopter, you have your own private jet, you spend millions just to have the chef cook in your mansion. So am I saying rich people are abnormal? Well, don’t get me wrong. When someone is rich and they do something overboard, that is not normal. Having paparazzi 24/7 chasing after you, you are not being “normal”, you are not normal because you are someone special that all the world wants to know about you-what you do? what you wear? and even what you eat? Your life is special as if you are kept in a cage, admired by others outside the cage.
Generally, being normal means living outside the cage. We pursue happiness and freedom at the same time. We are not super millionaires but we enjoy our life with great privacy, no one to interfere and no one to bother. We do encounter problems but this is just part of the normal procedures in life.
I just want to strive in life so at the very least, i have this “normal” life rather than a poor life. It is a good thing to be “normal” as I am not greedy and asking for too much. Sometimes, when we have something in life, we always take it for granted. That is why I rather not have it. However, it is a bad thing being “normal” as you are perceived as unambitious, not trying to achieve to be at the top.

Why do you think people wishes for something beyond normal? The reason is most probably they are sick of being normal, they crave for fame and money. Like a normal people, we are required to compare prices of items and be judgmental. We knew the hardship of earning a living. Being out of the “normal”, we get to experience something of a whole new level. Thus, people always ask for more. “Normal” also proved someone that is not unique, not possessing any particular skills or talents. Someone who plays instrument is categorized as a musician, someone who draws well is categorized as artistic people. Then what about normal people? They are just normal. They go to work or study like many other people do and they do not do other things beyond their work. It is disheartening to see people constantly pick on someone “normal” without realizing the goodness in them.

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