Daily Prompt: Do Not Disturb

I am not sure whether this is just coincidence but I was just thinking of discussing online privacy as my topic today too. Then a few minutes later, I received an email which to my dismay, daily prompt post just provided the same idea as mine. Interestingly I will just answer according to the questions.

I manage my online privacy by taking concern of my personal safety. I knew this is the main priority to be taken care of for every Internet users. I find some people are still unaware of the situation that they are in. Internet or the World Wide Web is not a safe heaven nor it is a place where you can keep secrets all to yourself. Personal issues or secrets are best kept to yourself or try not to post them on ‘public’.

We never know what type of person are there in ‘public’. Most of them are strangers that a lot of their information posted online are not high in credibility. To sum up all these, you really can’t trust people online except the case where you genuinely know that person. Funny is that some couples knew each other online and I respect them for gaining so much trust on one another. However, maintaining online privacy is crucial for anyone, a student, a mother, a doctor, a teacher, a bus driver or a chef.

There are certain things i try not to put it online. The main thing would be address. Home is such a private area where people hope to escape from the outside world which meant to be exposed to danger, insecurity and hazards. What happen when people find out where you live just from the information you posted online? You never know who may misuse the information and they can be stalkers as well as robbers or thieves who possesses threats to the life of the ones living in the safe home. Most people have their own social network site, a platform where everyone share their respective information such as where they study or work and what they did from random posting to a collection of pictures. Some people uses blog as a stage to write their diary. It is not entirely wrong to share random posting about what you have encountered personally because some may be written as a life lesson to be remember. But, there shouldn’t be an excessive posting about personal emotions as frankly speaking I am questioning why people like doing that?

Besides that, online privacy is meant to protect vulnerable groups such as children and young adolescents from harmful information and content. Internet users need to understand that online privacy is not only meant to protect ourselves but others as well. Imagine people who upload video on public, whoever is able to watch it without any age guidelines.

Online privacy is imperative to prohibit people from accessing your important information such as bank security numbers and passwords. Thus, in many possible ways, we have to try and grab hold onto those information. Many Internet users do not notice that having unused accounts may attract hackers which also our account passwords become key determinations of our online privacy, whether it is weak or strong.

Basically, it is everyone’s responsibility to form a healthy World-wide web. Unfortunately, not every individual just adds in something to make Internet a polluted public area. Of course, I should not be so pessimistic about Internet as it is still a place where temporary happiness can be found.


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