Ignorance and Neglecting

Have you ever felt the neglecting from friends or family members? Have you ever felt being transparent? It seems to be hysterical and often you do not feel the sense of belonging. I knew during high school or even primary, I tend to be immature and longing for all the attention from people around me. Knowing that if I treat them well, they will treat me the same. Of course not everyone is born friendly and cherish friendships like I do. Thus, i have put aside the past and start to rethink about future, about those who faces more serious level of ignorance and neglecting. Often people who are social recluse have this form of feeling which made them genuinely aliens that are not part of the planet. It’s bizarre that not every human beings is able to get along with one another. Even the same species of animal have friction or arguments among the group. We are constantly besieged by this social fear of being getting neglect or ignored. We wish to stand out in a group and be humorous, witty, wise, a leader or someone that is fun in the group.

It is just norms that we don’t actually feel good being out of the group. Being part of a group makes you happy inevitable. I do agree sometimes it takes time to actually assimilate yourself into an unfamiliar environment or a group that you are not used to. However, we need to learn to integrate ourselves into new groups as working means cooperating and communicating with different kinds of people. You are not allowed to choose. Soon enough, you feel that you are more likely to become someone that neglects those that are worst than you, that are not able to blend themselves into the so called-gang. Mentally, you told yourself to treat everyone equally, but there will always be bias and discrimination, sometimes to the extend of racism.But all these peer and group ignorance are not the deepest pain ever, rather the grief is when standing alone, no one is there to help when you are stuck with countless of dilemmas. Everyone is missing the point of ignorance and neglecting. In relationships, there is no perfection but there are people around you at the very least. You aren’t helpless at all. You aren’t alone at all. You must appreciate that social groups are not part of your everything. Soon,

Basically, I think fortunate means having family and close friends that love you dearly. When you actually lose them, you will realize those small tiny ignorance and neglecting becomes invisible, becomes nothing incomparable to losing those that have treat you sincerely. Some people said reality has constructed us in living the world of merciless, ruthless and unkind. We do not care those people that have treated us badly and we do not put ourselves in these kind of situation where we foolishly think people will treat us the same as us treating them? Life is always hard and is not easy to have people that treat us the same way as we treat them. We gave them our heart and they usually stab us in the back or most likely take us as strangers or nobody. IT IS ALWAYS THE SAME CASE FOR MOST OF US. Even though they do not indirectly mistreat you but your heart is being signaled that something is amiss. I am glad I have not yet come across such critical matter in my social activity. Yet, my life still has a long way and I know once I get out of the university, there may be a lot more of threatening situations awaiting me.

Sometimes I feel that a few moments of quiet time is good. You are given some private space to do what you like, given some time to rethink your problems and whether you should make some changes. Accepting ignorance and neglecting from some people outside of your family is perfectly normal. Social activity has never been easy, trying to be the center of attraction is just exhausting. Priority always come first and some people take public images as a major issue whereas some other do not care at all. I think the most important thing is that interaction needs time to actually develop and if time does not come, fate between people will never arrive in that particular period. I started to be more casual in terms of friendship in university. There is no constant classmates and every year you met different kinds of people which interestingly in another way. Every year was a whole new experience and you perpetually perceive the people that you have met as someone different even though they remain as someone that haven’t change at all. The feeling of being strangers again seems daunting but slowly you have accept the cycle of social reality which ignorance and neglecting are both unavoidable. Have any of you imagine being poverty stricken and nobody there to help? This is the ignorance that I am talking about. Parents that neglect their children and left them in orphanage are worst. Those terrifying social problems associate with ignorance and neglecting in a more traumatizing ways which we fortunate people will never get to experience about it.


2 thoughts on “Ignorance and Neglecting

  1. I know very well what you mean. Family issues are really difficult. You build up behaviour over years and years and never end up questioning it. Family members often end up hurting you without wanting it, because they don’t know how else to deal with their own flaws.

    And it is funny, how relations to friends change from one day to another. You go away, you come back, their life has changed. They’re basically the same, you are basically the same, but they made new friends and don’t know how to integrate you into your life anymore. You suddenly have a different perspective. And if you don’t make an effort, you grow apart. Life’s difficult like that.

    • Thanks for your comment. you really do get my point loud & clear. Relationships are difficult which made life complicated just like that. Not all of us understands it until we really truly experience the in-depth of it. Time is an interesting subject that leads to the fading of those familiarity. Like a cycle, it has become part of the norms.

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