Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill

I would say 100 PERCENT no, Never ever. I wish there won’t be even such a period that exist. What’s the point of living? AS a foodie, I live to eat and I eat to live. Wanting me to swallow pills for my daily nutrition consumption? You must be pulling my legs. I swear this is the most ridiculous invention throughout human history. I understand how we usually need to take a Vitaminc C or an iron tablet for basic nutrition needs but merely depending on pills that will soon replace food? I will be devastated! What is the point of living?

To be honest if you ask someone who doesn’t like food as much as I do will still strongly objects this creation, this absurd replacement. I would not do it, I strongly disagree upon these pills even though they are in pink, blue, red, green, purple or whatever. Myriad colours or flavours won’t draw me into having them.

Imagine such life without eating or food preparation. Humans won’t need kitchen, bowls, cooking utensils or even a fridge. They just need a sink and some cups for water to swallow those awful tablets or pills. Imagining of the scenario sickened me. (Ughh~) Gradually, i just hope solid food or any staple food can still be sustainable for a long, long time.

I guess when food runs out. People have to start using this alternative way. I will feel extremely sorry for the future generation. Besides that, there will be no cafes, restaurants, grocery stores and hawker stalls without the existence of food. Rather, there will be abundant of pharmacies selling bottles of pills. The image creeps me, haunts me because I really am a person that is passionate about the food industry. I am not a cook nor I have a business on this area, but I empathy those who lost their profession as cooks, chefs and those who have talents in making scrumptious meals. Not only that, we will have to say goodbye to all forms of processed food, fruits and vegetables. This is just something too cruel.

I am not even worry about what to eat so just leave me alone. Not worrying about food preparation? Well, soon I will learn how to prepare food so please to people who are trying to invent more pills, tablets with all types of nutrition. I beg for your mercy! Do not take away my food. They are just too precious to me, to most of us.

What happens to wedding, birthday celebration and gathering? Are you expecting us to swallow pills the whole day/night? We are not into drugsssss…”Thank you”

One thought on “Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill

  1. Dude.. I am not much into reading, but somehow I got to read lots of articles on your blog. Its amazing how interesting it is for me to visit you very often. –

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