Officially 100th posts have published! I am NO. 101 :D


100th Blog post Celebration

From March until June, I have been writing a post daily in WordPress. This day has finally approached. There was time of struggling, time of satisfaction, time of joy, time of frustration throughout my blogging experience. As I hope once again, this can be “a never ending journey” for my Blog: MCPW. 

Even though I did not undergo a wholesome blogging experience but overall blog site has become a platform that allows me to carry out my hobby more often. It is also something that encourages me to write more and writing is such a meaningful and amazing hobby to have. I find my life constantly revitalizing through writing.. 



Thanks for the support

I would like to thank the people who follows me and read what I have wrote. Thank you for all the support you have given which becomes energy pills for me to continue on this writing path. Even though my blog is still not up to the numbers that I desired but I hope time will tell. Soon, I wish my writing can be an influencing subject to everyone in the world. 



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