No Limits

Maybe there was a time when I thought learning will eventually stops at some phase of my life, there will be an age that I won’t have to study books for exams, to prepare for the future…I was wrong. 

Learning is the most fundamental process in our life. We learn to know the world, to adapt something useful and to gain knowledge. The knowledge can then be utilize on anything that is part of us. 

Seeing four of my grandparents, still learning at this age. No matter what they are learning-cooking, current affairs, food, culture, traditions and technology, learning to them is inevitable and a never ending journey.  The moment we read a newspaper, we learn something from it. Interestingly, some knowledge can be applicable in a daily basis. 

There are learning that indirectly derived from stories or the experiences we encountered. Through this learning process, you will not repeat the same mistake. Even if you do, you will realize the ineffectiveness of absorbing the lessons you gained from the past. Past become a record of your experiences and lessons that have to be taken into account thus it is something that has to be remember despite of the embarrassment, solemn or frustration. 

I have always knew that learning is not deriving what is written from books, rather it is a more wholesome comprehension on the internal and external circumstances throughout enlightenment. The human experience comes from the ongoing process of learning which we seek, we hear, we taste, we stop, we think and we judge. Using what is given and trying to widen our circle of knowledge or to think out of the box. 

Fundamental learning skills is crucial before adapting the life of hard core learning. When someone gave up in life, they do not think properly, they are unconsciously facing mental issue, they do act like someone who wishes to learn from time-to-time like a normal human being. Each and everyone of us learn. A simple task of sweeping the floor takes time to actually learn, form habits in cleaning and generally construct a personality with hygiene. 

I simply do not wish learning stops. Possibly, there are no humans that can learn everything in the world. Even if they do, there are still some missing pieces to compile into a complete puzzle of learning. The reason learning never stops is because of its time consuming and most vital fact is that not everyone is able to assimilate into the life of learning everything. The most they did is to learn what they are good at and the basic skills in life. 

People who are learning extras are people who are curious, like to accept challenges and explore what they can explore. There is no one to stop them from learning, to gradually develop passion towards what they learnt. Boring, interesting, fun, exciting, dull and useless- but who cares? You still absorb something into you. 

Consider people who gets to learn fortunate as some may not be able to read what you are reading now, watch what you are watching now and even write what you writing now. Therefore, I always give my heart out in learning even though it can be hard sometimes. The sow you reap will never come until you really put in the effort and successfully knock down hardships. I suggests everyone to start learning, never hesitate to experience, never doubt whether what you learn whether it will be useful because you will never know the unpredictability of learning experience. 


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