Thoughts on Facebook

I do admit that I am part of the new generation Y and I almost got myself immerse into the world of social media in an addictive way. Of course I find myself going in and out of Facebook consistently. It is not a deniable fact that we all have Facebook but it was just a matter of time when you have it and how frequent you use it. I find using Facebook the first time, having no apparent differences compared to using Friendster. Friendster is the long ago social network site that I used during my early high school years but eventually it did not appear to be renown after Facebook came in.

Facebook constantly blends into my so called social life. It is a platform that allows me to connect with friends “on-line”. Well even before Facebook, I still have messenger chat and stuff like that but Facebook contains more than just a chat box. New Facebook users like me during 2009 still struggles to appreciate the beauty of it. However, interesting public pages appear and ‘liking’ them becomes a norm. By ‘liking’ them, I receive useful information from the page. There are current news, stories, personality tests and horoscopes which i find a sense of belonging on the Internet. Besides that, there were meaningful short stories that can be found which are link from Facebook to other websites. Some websites that I find amusing are actually retrieved from Facebook. Eventually the process of sharing and connecting make Facebook such a wonderful source of information.

After some time, sharing photos became a fun and common activity for me. Not only that my friends are able to know what have I been up to, I am able to find out which friend of mine are more likely to notice me on Facebook. Receiving more likes on Facebook becomes an exciting phase in my life. Just like blog posts, I hope to achieve the label of ‘xx likes’.  Having 300+ friends on Facebook, of course I knew not everyone of them will ‘like’ your post or photos. Friends who commented on your photos, you feel as though they are just beside you giving a real comment. That is the experience of using Facebook at the initial stage. The good thing about social network site is that you are able to discover the friends you aren’t close to on “what they did?”, “who they hang out with” and “how their life is?”. People just do not care who are the friends on their Facebook, they just simply accept friend requests even without knowing that person. Funny thing is that generally you are known to have a wide circle of buddies virtually. I do look at friends’ wall  but that doesn’t make me a stalker. Everyone does that! This make sense when you do go on to people’s wall and did not like or comment on his/her posts or photos, you were just browsing through.The thing I like about Facebook is that you are able to find your long lost friends back in primary school and know whereabouts of them and how are they doing.

Sometimes using Facebook can be such a frustration when there are spamming problem or when you received Candy Crush game invitation! Network error affects Facebook too, uploading the photos could be a problem. Besides that, I have realized that because Facebook is such a vast platform, rumors and negative pieces of information is able to spread rapidly worldwide. My younger brother said that:” Facebook is a place to write sxxx!” The reason he given to me is that people sometimes write nonsensical stuff that are really unnecessary. He mentioned an example that people like saying “goodnight”  on Facebook before they go to bed. WHY do you even do that? I understand the emotions can be posted on Facebook but sometimes too much reflects your personality.

IN conclusion, Facebook will still remain sustainable and if not, something similar will definitely replace it and we as human beings will always have technological tools integrate in our lives. As such, it shows our appreciation in these social media sites. I am not hating Facebook or any particular social network sites, in fact I like them. Of course some parts can be a pain too, I understand everything has their pros and cons. Facebook depicts my current life and whether I am a socially active person. Some people hates Facebook because they do not wish to follow current trends. I am not an active Facebook user nor I am a laggard in technology.


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