Cons of group work

I have discussed about the pros of group work and certainly people who haven’t experience the bad side of a group work are considered as the lucky ones. It does requires a good leader and quality members in a team to subsequently engage into an effective communication and fairness in distributing the workload. Below are just some main disadvantage of group work and I think these are the ones that stops everyone from liking group work. Instead of appreciating the beauty of group work, we choose to look at the ugly side.

1. Excessive ideas

Although I have suggested the other day that group work is beneficial for a project because more ideas and plans can be generated through the collaboration of effort. However, sometimes when a member suggests an idea, there will always be opinions or disagreement between the members. Sometimes a successful work does not merely rely on brainstorming and brainstorming often requires as much time as an individual work because the decision does not lies on a person, rather it depends on a team. Compromise can only drive the project to an upper level but if opposite, discussion will be cease and no forward changes will take place.

2. Friction

Some may accept your creativity and share mutual thoughts but there are some who likes to rebel and often argues until your idea is banned or rejected completely. Thus, this creates friction between the team members. I am sure everyone that carries out group work will have someone in the team that they like and dislike at the same time. There is never a perfect team because humans naturally aren’t easy to get along with one another. Even among the closest people, there will be some minor disagreement, arguments, fights and hatred. It is just something inevitable and unavoidable. Friction is ugly for any form of relationships, it can be the reason of communication problem or cross cultural factor. The way any members of the team present their opinions have to remain assertive and tolerant at all times.

3. The more the less work?

Think again! The more people in a team does not really apply that work is less. Sometimes there is no equality among group work which I really despise. Not every member is diligent, responsible and put in effort. Some are sleazy and their lackadaisical attitude frustrates other members. A good performance of a team is not just based on whether the plan they came up is good, rather it is based on whether the cooperation and team spirit is up to the max! There are people in the team who thinks they can get away from all the hard work and still receive the same compliment or result, which is just utterly unfair. Of course, this has become a common entity in working environments where there will be people who work less and people who work more. 


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