Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

I was never a person that fight. When I faced with confrontation, I do not just fight without carrying any weapons. I have to stop, think and move forward. A person that fights without planning and irrational thinking is not a warrior, rather he is a foolish man who will definitely fall for the trap of such scheming confrontation.
When someone confronts me, I back up. However that does not apply that I ‘flight’ rather I am trying to use my wise thoughts to argue with him or her another time or another day. I remain calm and confrontation takes forever. It is like a never ending battle. There seems to be no victory among participants as we all fight. Some people may ‘flight’ but one day you will notice their determination rises and confront us back.
When i was given a challenge, I try not to back up first as I want to prove to everyone that I can hold the responsibility of the given task. I have the power to accomplish the mission. I do not put in maximum effort to ‘fight’ but conserve some for emergency. My attitude is carefree and relax, but sometimes when things get tough, I feel like proceed to ‘flight’. That makes me a coward?

Fight typically makes you feel good because you feel as though you are the hero in the story, you will battle against the evil, the odds and every unpleasant thing that occurred in your life. If you are lucky, ‘fight’ may eventually bring you happiness, success, fame and all the wonders in the world. Flight makes you feel safe, you are in the comfort zone, you do not wish to continue, you take a break but soon enough you have to stand up again and face something called ‘life’.
In the end, I thought to myself fight or flight? Both intertwines with one another. In a confrontation, you can ‘fight’ first then quickly realize the potential of ‘flight’ increases as well. Some other cases, you ‘flight’ but discover the minds of wanting to ‘fight’ grew stronger day by day.
SO many times that I have wished that I had the opposite reaction. There are abundance of confrontation that I have faced daily from minor ones to major issues. Guilt often revolve after situations and you have wish that you could do the opposite. You wish to build up your courage in doing all sorts of things. You never wish to be labelled as a person who always fear of obstacles and someone who is afraid of the world. You wish you have always did a better job in any confrontation that you have came upon.

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