Say Your Name

Daily prompt has provided such inspirational idea. Thank you so much. The topic is “Say Your Name”..Check out mine!

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?


I have searched my name for the meanings, the symbolic representation and surprisingly it has different significance and connotation.

According to the Dictionary, Megan is originated from Greek which the term represents “Pearl”. It can be a Welsh name too symbolize as “Little Pearl”

There are various ways to spell my name– MeghanMeagenMeaganMeaghan…

Based on SheKnows. com, I seek for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and of course to be appreciated. I typify as a powerful force to all those lives that I touch. I have the capabilities to become charismatic leader who often undertake major endeavors with great success. I value justice, truth and discipline, if not I will be quick-tempered. If I have fail to develop the potential, I may become impractical and rigid.

“It is good to know in-depth about my name, even though there is no factual prove that these statements are credible.”

If I remembered vividly, my name is just named after a random person, unrelated to me. The person who give me the name ‘Megan’ are my aunts and their thoughts on this English name contradicts with the real meaning of the name. The name is understandable for them as a princess-like name instead of associating with terms such as “bold”, “strong” and “capable”.

Originally, my name has almost become ‘Michelle’ instead of ‘Megan’. After the name is taken by one of the long-distance relative, Megan becomes my identity. It has attached to me and quickly my name is known to be unique in classroom and too unique that some people find it hard to pronounce. As I was in a Chinese speaking background, the name ‘Megan’ is the only name in both primary and high school during my time as far as I know.

Malay teachers especially likes to pronounce strangely and thus transform my beautiful name into some sort of weird name. Friends around would laugh inevitable but I know they have no desires to pick on me, there are no offences around me because of the name. In fact, during Year 9 in High School, some stories revolve because of my name. We were studying “Prisoner of Zenda”, as I remember quite vividly that I was given the name “Princess Megan” related to the princess in the story. I think the reason for such an outcome was my personality and perception that I have given in class and the teacher. Forgetting the details but felt the sense of nostalgic revolving my name and my memories in school. 

Then it came “Megan Fox” from Transformers, so then everyone recognize this name, connecting it with the sexy star symbol. However, sometimes I was wondering if people might think that this name does not suits me anymore because of its sudden renown and fame.When I introduced myself, some still can’t quite get the name “Megan” compared to Jessica, Tiffany, Mary, Emily, Kate and Michelle while some knew about it because of “Megan Fox”.

If I had the choice, I would still keep my name. Ignoring all the circumstances, I still like names that are special and authentic at the same time, but not out of the norms such as “Blanket” “Hotmail” “Pilot” ” that contains some elements of craziness and bizarre. Besides, I feel that there is an advantage of having an English name and a Chinese name at the same time. Having a mix of both shows the value of traditions and keeping up with the modernization respectively. Having a Christian name does not mean you are a Christian, it is just to allow your identity sips through easily in the Western world especially communication purposes.

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