Pros of a group work

Nowadays, it is common to be working with someone else. In corporation, companies, schools, universities, performance and activities, everything is done through team force. Of course, it is apparent for the advantages of a group work. I have done a few group work for these three years starting from college to universities. The main idea of group work is to effectively reach the goals without consuming too much time and to provide an opportunity for us to socially interact with colleagues and school mates. Here are some basic pros of a group work:

1. A myriad of ideas can be beneficial for the project

“The more brains the better it is”, a project cannot solely be a success without the effort of group members. Sometimes cooperation power wins over individual’s work. When a major project is carried out, collaboration work seems to be more detailed and generally becomes more informative. We can definitely see the outcome coming from projects such as creating a campaign, organizing a festival, planning a play and coming up with a business plan. There is too much work to be handled by a person. Imagine a leader that is in charge of organizing an advertisement plan, he or she would not be able to cope with market analysing, designing the ad and creating the key message which meant that there is unlikely of multi-tasking in this situation unless aplenty of time is given.

2. Engagement with different groups of people in an environment.

As we know that there is no mono-culture in any places like corporations, universities and schools. The diverse ethnicity and races forms a multicultural environment which eventually allows the experience of interaction taken place in a broader context. It is true that most projects are done in a single language but the people working behind the project can be a Sweden, an Italian, a Japanese, a Chinese or a Korean. Sometimes the way of handling a task can be of different from the other which adds challenges to the work environment. This challenge can be practice and soon you will realize the beauty of knowing people from different parts of the world, have an in-depth knowledge of their cultural background.

3. Project or workload can be distributed evenly

Every members in the team hold different responsibilities so that the job can be done in a faster pace, save the time spent and the human resources. Often, every team members receive their respective workload which everyone equally shares the result of their effort. The more effort is being put into a project, the better it will be but if everyone shares a good partnership and equality in the working environment, I am sure the effect would be extraordinary.

Looking back into a group work, it does not matter whether the result is positive/negative. As long as you have experience the partnership and learn something from your mates, you would definitely take it as valuable life lessons rather than focusing on its productivity. 


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