Home is the best place on Earth. Everyone virtually able to feel the comfort at home with the closest group of people we love the most. Escape from the threatening, dangerous, corrupted, disruptive and alienation world, home welcomes us with open hands. It does not matter you are living in an apartment unit, a bungalow, a mansion or a terrace house. Any homes that you have settled down, assimilate your life living in that particular home and of course having a sense of belonging are genuinely a home sweet home.

I remember the time that I went travelling with my family to Seattle, USA. After a month of vacation, I do not feel like leaving this foreign place that has beautiful scenery, delicious food and countless of activities to do. However despite all that, the missing of home bed and home cooked food is pretty much taking over. Until the end of the day, I will still find home incomparable to foreign vacation house, relative’s house, friend’s house or a stranger house even ¬†though some of their houses are much spacious, the interior designs are much more sophisticated and sometimes cleaner. These are not the main aspects that I found a home to be the safest and happiest space.

Why do you think home is safe, happy and comfortable? As life goes on, children grows up and eventually have to venture to the outside world and they may not be able to cope with the unpredictable challenges from work and relationship. At such a downside, they need support, encouragement and words of comfort. In short, they need TLC (tender, love and care). I am sure all humans are emotional living things that to a certain extent, personal stress becomes overpowering. Every complete home has family members who understand each other, thus these tasks and responsibility become less difficult compared handling it to strangers. They may not understand your level of sensitivity and consequently destruct your self-esteem. Honesty comforting does not work for everyone but when it comes to people at home, you will find it easier to accept feedback, opinions and suggestions.

Happiness that forms within that space makes it so unique to every individuals. Back at home, you see someone familiar and someone who is the closest to you. You can just be yourself and do whatever you feel like as long as you do not go over the limits of the house rules. House rules sometimes do limit our freedom but they are to make sure we stay discipline and it is for our own good. Home provides memories, trust and love which no place can provide such qualities.

Essentially, we do realize that not every home represents a paradise but it can be hell for some others. In terms of domestic violence, abuse, rape, murder, we observe the severity of crimes taking over the usual happiness in a home. People who have lost their family members due to natural disasters or any unfortunate incidents are those who absolutely disagree with the fact that home is always filled with joy and exuberant. They always find themselves coming back to a place that contains nothing but four blank walls with a bed and a kitchen. No one talks to them, no one laugh with them and no one accompanies them. Thus, they can only rely on getting themselves busy with work and friends just to find part of the happiness in their life which home could not provide them. To them, home is just a rooftop over their head, nothing meaningful, nothing of their concern and nothing special at all.

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