Challenge in Weekend

I have never thought this would be a challenge for me…”Both physically and mentally exhausted.” I felt like a zombie constantly being shot at…i am still haunted by the experience…

I am talking about spending a day with a child. At the very beginning when we met, everything was alright until she virtually couldn’t let go of my favourite pink teddy bear. That is when I felt my perception on her was not the normative comments such as cute, lovely and adorable but on the opposite side. 

If I have knew, my pink teddy bear should kept hidden. She was my cousin and she does not look like someone who behaves that way. The other thing is that she was quite clingy to me after I have approached her. She found out that I can speak English even though I was born in Malaysia like her father. We start to develop some sort of sisterly bond but I still do not like her constant gestures on my teddy bear. She is a tough young girl and often violent, not sure where she learnt that from. There was a time where she pinched me with all her strength, pull my hair and hit me on the tummy.  
** (SINCERELY) Thanks to my younger brother, I have learnt to suppress all these pain quite easily. It becomes one of the memories that have etched in my mind vividly. (NEVER FORGETS)
I am skeptical whether all children in such an age behave in such a way in terms of the vocabulary they used. Often, it is something disgusting and unpleasant. You may already guess what they are. She is just one of them. I have met other younger cousins that also like integrating these terms into their daily conversation. I am not sure how I behave when I was little. Did I talk like that? Did I behave inappropriately? That would be very embarrassing. 
she was someone matured that able to realize my dislike during our walk. she asked me:”You don’t like me, do you?” It was a shocking thing to hear from an 8 year old child. Of course, I explained to her like a mummy comforting the child. The true fact is that I still adores her in some way but definitely not the time when she constantly pushes me to walk faster, jump up and down, pull my jacket at the same time. Quite annoying to be honest but I tried to persuade her to walk slow, enjoy the scenery as we were walking across the Harbour Bridge. 
During dinner, she wants me to sat beside her which I am not reluctant to do so. Her mum will take care of her, sitting next to her as well. However, there was a need to persuade her in eating vegetables, drinking the soup and patiently listens to her. She was quite a talkative person and likes to have conversation with you. She has also shown me two of her favourite tv shows on YouTube and she has a sweet tooth as well just like me. 
The challenge has tested my ability in coping with a child in a day. Imagine parents who continuously needs to struggle with the attitude and behaviour of their children daily. 
Maybe as we grow up, we probably will have all the patience, determination and endurance in facing the world of parenting. And sometimes a challenge like this may look simple to homemakers but not for a student like me. Staying on my study table and doing my assignments become an easier task compared to looking after a child. She was after all an 8 year old child. Maybe lets hope that she will behave slightly better as she move on to her teenage years. 

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