If I won the next month’s lottery: 30 Million!!!

“If” is an interesting word as it explores the possibility and the probability of changes in the outcome. “If” makes you feel more comfortable in imagining things and allows you to stop at conventional ways in thinking.

Well, would be quite impossible to have this large sum of money at such a young age but just feel like fantasizing of possessing it. Someone asked this interesting question: “What would you do first?” The first term comes to my mind is “bank”. I will save it up and earn more interests in the bank before planning on how to use it. Putting in a bank is a good way to maintain the habit of saving up as you could keep track the amount of money usage.

30 Million is not sufficient throughout life and I will never know when there is a rainy day that I might need this money. Therefore, it is important to remain low profile. However, I would wish to go travelling with my family to the places that we all have always wish to go to. Travelling means improving the bond between family members as joy often revolve around trips. The money can be used to escape from reality temporary, jump into the paradise without any concern on work and school. Sometimes, we need to worry about the expenses spend during travel on food, play and transport. However, I guess this burden of worrying becomes unnecessary. Imagine constraining your budget and the most saddening thing is unable to live with dignity just because you are poor. Besides many activities in life requires money to be able to have a mediated and genuine experience.

If I won 30 Million, I will still pursue on my career and studies as education is still the main priority in life. Besides, writing is still my passion. As the eldest child, I have the obligation to support my siblings in their further studies. Therefore, this money comes in handy and at the right moment. Parents have to strive so hard in life just to provide a better future for their children and this becomes a motivation for me to work hard as well. I do not want this money to replace my diligence in life and the purpose of living. The purpose of living is to fight for what you want and this money are just extras to support and help me get up if I fail. I do not want this money to blind me and form a destructive characteristics in me such as individualistic and materialistic.

As you can see I am just an ordinary university student, not asking for too much and specifically just want to have a prosperous life with my family, enjoy the things that we desire. The wealth can be apply in certain areas throughout my life and it is definitely worth living to have all the money in the world. Disheartening fact is that a dream remains a dream and a fantasy remains as a fantasy.  Some people said buying lottery is a waste of time as it destroys the hope of winning in life. Out of billions of people that buys lottery, only one could win such immense quantity of money. Why not do something more realistic and build up your own victory in life by working hard? It is easier said than done.


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