The Sydney Morning Herald Vivid Sydney 2013

I was again bewildered by the amazing illuminated creation of lights and colours by Vivid Sydney especially presented in this video above. The interactive lighting technology should be predicted as more improvised. I have always being enthusiastic with creative artwork and patterns of fantasies. The usage of Sydney’s prominent architecture and tourist spots become an iconic attraction and event that signifies the beauty of Sydney itself.

Briefly went for a walk to Luna Park where Harbour Bridge is lit up with a myriad of LED lights which was quite spectacular. The light seems to be leaning towards the modern side as Vivid partner up with Intel. Walked across the Harbour Bridge, you will find as comparative to last year, it was actually less appealing, in fact dull and insufficiently eye-catching. However, I am not entirely thinks that Vivid Sydney this year is distasteful, repulsive and unpleasant.

Some parts of lighting should be appreciated with some time. The Opera House wasn’t too bad. The animation of the rolling ball game, girls performing dancing, the music beats of earphone and the vibrant colours are some of the features I found pleasing and satisfying on the eyes. The most disappointing is the Custom House, it was not my style of art with just the motion of shaky building, speech bubbles and some Aboriginal patterns? But, it does shows a lot of Aussie style. There was one slot where deep sea is shown with lobsters, fishes and creatures moving to and fro. I guess the ocean represents Australia? That was just my personal thoughts. I have not been to the Darling Harbour, probably they did made some wonderful masterpiece lighting on the other side. I heard there will be fountain hologram, will definitely pay a visit some other time. Just a few hours, you can tell how Vivid Sydney has changed their ways in presenting the light this year. The one in Contemporary Art Museum was alright. I find the water flowing down from the rooftop and sip through the windows of the museum was fascinating. The windows were like barriers and the music coordination was perfect with the motion as well.

Maybe Vivid Sydney is just a cultural event that gathers everyone together rather than just mesmerizing the lighting galleries around Sydney. These two weeks especially night time, the city will be packed with people with family, friends and couples. Therefore, the essential of this form of event must not eliminated but taking it seriously. Happiness revolves around Sydney, the happy hybridity of Sydney without taking consider of race and ethnicity but the enjoyment of appreciating art with your loved ones.


Vivid Sydney 2013

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