Random Short Fiction: Dream

When you are stuck in a place where no one is able to recognize you, when you travelled back in time and no one even know your existence, how would you react?

When standing among the crowd of people where you see familiar faces yet those familiar faces do not give any responses when they are looking towards you. Just a mere blank look with stranger minds, thinking you are just a random person standing there. I would probably attempt to introduce myself once again and wishing to assimilate myself into the familiarity. I do not want to be left in the unknown. I want a sense of belonging. Even though I do not belong to that particular moment and period. The ones that I love and the ones that I cherish should do the same, they should met me at the minimum level.

I stood there alone with only shadow as my company. I wasn’t brave enough to approach every one of them. As I step into the dream world further, I could not escape. The split of reality and fantasy is not distinctive. Imagine meeting your family of the older generation when they were much younger. The curiosity of everything happen at that moment, wondering whether the past happenings will affect the future. Looking with your own eyes of the history that relates to you, you laugh to yourself. Not sure whether this could lead to certain changes and whether you have the power to bring changes over the future. Picking up their conversation, peeking on their gestures and finding the similarity. It is an experience of never before with you on this side of the world parallel with the other you on the other side of the world. The only differences is that they knew you over there but definitely not here.

There is no way for me to stay for so long, people may get suspicious of my sanity and of my intention. Having to say that I am innocent but who is going to believe me? Then, I start to walk away. I lost my way as I have no one to contact. Wanting to seek help but what’s the point, there is no Facebook, the existing phone numbers that I remember is just the virtual numbers in this part of the world. I walk my way with no sense of direction. Rain started to pour, people are armed with their umbrellas while I drenched in water and I could feel the rain pelted beneath my skin. My heart sinks as I move into a telephone booth for shelter. Rain did not cease until the crack of dawn. I might as well live one day with despair and fight for the hope of living tomorrow. I know I have not lose my identity, I am still me. By then, I was able to wake myself from the so called dream. 

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