Daily Prompt: Goals


When I first started this blog, I do not have any goals to be achieve. However, I have fantasies of having this blog bringing me to a certain level that I do not have any regrets towards the choices in my life. My aim of writing blog is not just to express my opinions through writing but also to perform my hobby in an everyday basis. Some days, I ran out of ideas but in the end the ideas still ran through me like a long lost friend. I have found them. 

I do agree goals help us to set a target, a target that is achievable, a target that is not obscure. Even though I do not set any direct goals for my blog, but I do have a goal back in my head. I want to be a blogger that has someone agree upon on what I think, I want to increase the followers and feedback (comments). I want someone prominent that thinks I have the potential to do this sort of thing. In short, I am seeking for attention. I am finding a career path in a field like this. A path that is so abstract, without needing any conventional skills whatsoever but creativity and communicative mind. 

My goals tend to be quite a distance from me. Definitely, I have felt some of the moments that the goal is nearer as there is a sense of mission accomplished. I received some “likes”, less “comments” and less than fifty followers but more than thirty followers. I do not ask for much after setting up my blog. I was thinking more of forming a habit in writing, practicing and improving my critical thinking skills. Allow some of my time to integrate in writing rather than something meaningless. I do not want to waste time, time is precious. At some point, I just want time to stop where worries and concern for the future is unnecessary. 

The goals definitely have not change. They are still remain as goals, as dreams of my future. Having a blog and write a post daily are my objectives. I write SOMETHING THAT INSPIRES ME. I write MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS AND STORIES. I write WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE. I write FOR PLEASURE & HOBBY. I write FOR POWER AND DIGNITY. I write TO DELIVER MESSAGE. I write FOR A BETTER FUTURE. 

* I hope I can do this for a long, long time without giving up, without making fun of myself and without needing to waste the effort & time. 

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