5 main reasons why girls wear make-up to gym?

Ladies…What’s in your gym bag besides the necessities of a water bottle, sweat towel and your gym wear? That’s right! You have your lipstick, your compact powder, your mascara, your eye liner but why, why, why?


Nicki Minaj looking good and ready to head to the gym…nice pink hair and exaggerating make up LOL

1. to attract guys

I reckon this is quite an obvious reason. What is the purpose of going to the gym? You do not need to put on thick mascara and whole loads of eye shadow just to seek the attention of the opposite sex. If you are hardworking in working out, your body looks great and you are power up with confident, so why go for all the commotion and effort in putting on make-up when you have the time to do more lunges, sit-ups and run on the treadmill. Just tie your hair, sweat it out, be focus and serious. Guys will just admire someone like that in the gym. Of course, you need to smile occasionally. 

2. to look pretty while working out

This reason is quite similar to the first but slightly different. Girls do not just compare bodies in gym but looks as well. Indirect rivalry and competition always set out at the gym. Who gains the most attention? Who wears the best gym wear and who has both perfect body and look? Therefore, girls always want to look their best in any particular public spaces, this includes gym. There is no reason for them to lure any guys but just the pleasure of been looked at satisfy every girls’ dream. Having a layer of make up probably improves their facial complexion, gives a glow and electrifies the eyes of others. 

3. to show that their make-up product is water-proof

I was thinking of a funny reason and here it is. Everyone knows that going to the gym means sweating profusely and sometimes make up can be ruin easily. However, girls who wear make-up are probably comparable with the ones we see on advertisement or films. The make-up still looks perfect after the work-out. There are no sign of smudge or fake eye lashes coming off. I am totally amazed by make-up products nowadays. I try having my make-up on and went to the gym. After some work-out, I looked myself into the mirror. I was typically like a panda with smudging eye liner on my eye bags. No wonder people were looking at me. It was not a good look and in fact I swear I will never wear make-up to the gym anymore. 


That’s not me!! Haha

4. they are lazy

Most gym goers have no time to go to the gym early in the morning so working ladies often go after working hours which is during evening. Make-up is attached on their face. They changed into their gym wear, looked themselves in the mirror. “Ah, I think I will just leave it”. Women in general often hardworking in making themselves pretty but never been hardworking when it comes to removing make up and cleaning their faces. It is actually not suggestive to leave your make up on while working out. Sweats are dirt that flushed out from your system. Imagine the combination of sweat with make-up, the sight is completely unhygienic. Besides that, going to gym with make up leads to working out less as people are conscious of their looks rather than physically get moving. 

5. natural faces are too ugly to be expose. 

Girls are just not confident on exposing their natural side when it is perfectly alright. You will look fine as a person who works out regularly. The more you are trying to cover your flaws, the harder it becomes for you to confidently show your . I firmly believed that “when you feel good, you look good”. After any work-out or exercising, Endorphines are the main hormones that allow individuals to have a sense of euphoric. Therefore, try not to be so concern of your skin, your look and just be yourself in the gym. It is a place where exercising is the main priority. 


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