Buy with smartness, buy with choices and buy without greed

Consumers are frequently having the dilemma of buying too much or too many. Look into your bed room, kitchen, storage room and living room, surprisingly you will find something that you bought long ago with great cost but never actually use it. This leads to the gradual wastage process which inevitably becomes a habit to shop without thinking and considering. Sometimes, a smart shopper can also buy something that she thinks that she will use it but ending up not using it. Exactly, how do people shop in a smart way? You saw a beautiful picture frame that you really like but then after purchasing, you only realized that you do not need it. The sense of guilt and regret can’t really turn the clock back. Commodities are drawing the attention of buyers, we as consumers therefore have to maintain our alertness and sanity. 

Firstly, buy only when you need it. Sometimes, it is always good to stick to your shopping list rather than drawing your eyes onto other items. Go according to plan. If consumers want to save money, do not shop spontaneously. People have increasing saving by suppressing their desires and buy something that we called “necessities”. You do not buy a sweater unless you really do not have something better to wear during winter. You do not stop by for a coffee after you have done your grocery shopping, unless they give out free ones. 

Secondly, buy but choose wisely. Yes, you can always buy something once in a blue moon. It is not a sin to buy something if you possess sufficient amount of money. When shopping, act cool! You are a consumer, you have the right to take time, look around all the products available and you have the right not to buy. Do not get agitated by sales people who constantly persuading you and complimenting you for wearing their product beautifully. Always compare prices and prices, do not rush when it comes to buying something expensive such as clothes, bags and shoes. You do not want to buy and not use it. That would be simply a dwindle. Same goes to cars, houses, electronic devices and appliances. Expensive items requires more financial planing and lots of saving as well.  

Why do you think people ending up buying a washing machine when they have already got one at home and is still function properly? Why do you think people have several jeans in their closet? Consumers will never be satisfy with what they had. They bought a new pair of shoes and they see another pair, wanting them as well. What does this implies? The human attitude of not appreciating what they have in life, thus leading them to shop without any hesitant. I truly understands people who are rich have the qualification to buy what they want but the morality in shopping is deteriorating. This includes not buying wisely, not making the correct decision in shopping, buying something too expensive and buying something that you are not going to use it after that. 

Without any qualification of financial planner, I do not know the theories or main key ideas in saving money but I do know the general concepts when it comes to shopping. Shopping is not a bad thing, spending money is perfectly alright as long as you know your limits. Also, I really strongly discourage people who have not step into the working field to spend money as they wish because they do not understand the hardship in earning every penny. Every penny counts. Sometimes, we forgive younger people who do not have the experience in handling their money as this requires some time for them to actually grasp this form of skills. 

It is always beneficial to spend less than to spend more. However at the same time, do not do both to the extend. Some people may be too particular with every penny spent which leads them to some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder with money. Some become shopaholic who ended up bankrupt because they spent too much. It is disheartening to see money and commodities are placed in such an important position in our life. 


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