effectiveness of social change campaign in Saudi Arabia.

effectiveness of social change campaign in Saudi Arabia.

Above link is CNN’s news on Middle Eastern’s anti domestic abuse campaign advertisement…

"Some things can't be covered"  Fighting Women's Abuse Together

“Some things can’t be covered”
Fighting Women’s Abuse Together

We like to see differences especially in such a private society and such conservative country. WHY MEN can abide the law freely? Women on the other hand are regard as inhuman, receive countless abusive treatment, rape and emotional neglect from the country. Besides that, speaking out their dilemma does not help them but they have to receive societal judgement. We are living in a country where we have the freedom and the rights to voice out any abusive action that violates the law. However for Saudi Arabia, we need to give the people some time to realize the equality of gender and the laws should protect the women who have to continuously encounter such traumatic domestic violence and abuse. 

The domestic abuse campaign advertisement is said to be quite successful. It is moving closer to the direction of the campaign’s goal. A campaign is never easy to be implemented especially the cultural differences that organizers have to consider carefully. However, the target audiences and victims are the main priority. The key message has to be persuasive- “Some things can’t be covered” is a very powerful and strong message that can be taken as a warning to the men who have treated their wives (women) badly. 

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