WHY do people always question their life?

WHY do people always look back to their life?

WHY do people always want to plan ahead of their life?

WHY do people always get worried of life?

Life is like a prime metaphor of fear and guilt.

People have tried hard what is in front of them so that it can lead them to a better future. They are doing what they could. Sometimes, people tried their best not to get so stuff up with destiny and future. They try not to question the decisions that have already been made. They try hiding thoughts and often suppressing the inner feelings. Others started to question and said there are definitely more that can be useful for the future. People are just maintaining their position and doing that one thing but apparently is not enough as others have done more than them. Giving reasonable excuses like having no time becomes weak against the person who will argue upon.

The mother needs to clean the house but in order to have a better future, she has the responsible to teach and love the children and hoping the children will love them back. A student needs to study full time but in order to have a better future, he has the responsibility to gain some work experience. The director of a company needs to maintain the corporate’s reputation to increase business and revenue but he also needs to consider having a good relationship with the workers as well. A teacher has to be intelligent and knowledgeable but at the same time, she needs to engage with students so that her future teaching career is welcoming and sustainable. A doctor is the same, he has to talk with his patients and understands them besides merely treating them. I know  life is never easy for any identities but that does not mean that we have to look life into the light of pessimistic and negativity. We just need to do some extras rather than focusing and working hard on one direction. In contrast to walking, we walk into so many directions. It is impossible to have only A Direction.


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