Junk FOOd

I was approaching the train station the other day and someone was giving out “Grain Waves” for free. Indeed, I felt on cloud nine as this was my favourite chips, chives and sour cream!! I grabbed a few packets, each packet is 40g and costs $2.20 each. It was a knock-out. This sort of promotional activity is a bargain and common, however I have to look on the negative side of such normality.

Restricting certain food on my diet sometimes just makes me crave for more unhealthy food. My life is so much of a drama and ambiguity. I want to be healthy but after meals, I just want to have something to nibble. I ALWAYS THINK OF FOOD UNLESS I AM BUSY. Are junk food only meant to suppress your hunger before the hour of main meals? Often, many have said not to have junk food for snacks, have a fruit, or a nut bar instead of fries, chips and chocolates. But why many have go against the healthy rule and grab those scrumptious and irresistible food? Are they just meant for convenience or they are just too good to “say no” to them. Junk food contain salt (sodium), sugar in quite a substantial amount, they are high in calories and sometimes contains chemical preservatives and addictive which are harmful to the bodies. Therefore, people who wish to lose weight or wish to remain fit as a fiddle will tend to move away from junk food. Like I said, restricting too much sometimes changes the oppositional consequences. You may suppress your desire towards food but the more you do, the harder it becomes for you to actually be discipline in your diet.

Try to use punishment and award mode to aid forming a healthy lifestyle. If you did a work out at the gym or played a sport, give yourself some reward but not in an excessive way. If you lazed off a bit and just sat down do nothing, prohibit yourself on eating the delicacies in front of you. Having junk food like once or twice a week is perfectly alright. Sometimes, environment becomes a factor of everything. When you are in the cinema, the popcorn smell creates this hallucination “buy me…” When you are out with friends, everyone feels like an ice-cream on a hot day, inevitable you will get one as well. Unless you are the ‘guru’ of mind control. (I salute to you!). It will be best if you can have it among friends so that way you would not ‘suffer’ so much, having the whole packet of chips all to yourself. Besides junk food, soft drinks are the main killer of a healthy body. A can of coke contain more than half amount of sugar in it. I am lucky because I am not much of a coke fan. However, I tried my best to advice people around me to substitute coke with juices, hot beverages or just water. Moreover, instant noodles are classified into junk food as well. You may not see the present effect after eating too much of these garbage food but in a longer term, you will realize indulging yourself into this paradise kills you. Some have argued that by cutting food consumption, you can actually live longer.

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