Delinquency is like an eye sore to us, yet they continue to expand their community. Forming gangs, involve in fights, drugs and violence are inevitable for them. Humans become unclear of their future will be more likely to use rebellious, short cuts and crimes to make their life less miserable. Everyone is concern about youths especially who are not mature enough in determining the right choices and going on the correct paths. As parents are now more liberal in the sense that they are less obsessive with who their children hang out with in the circle of friends and of course including what they do in school- the social activities and participation in class.

Youths do not like their parents be control freaks, therefore parents often try their best to trust their children and hope their children will able to differentiate the “black” and the “white”. It is often said that “environment” plays a vital role in affecting the possibility of youth or children becoming a delinquent. Nobody can control the environment that you are born into, some children may born into a dysfunctional family while some are born with a silver spoon on their mouth. Poor children who do not study and go out to society in the early stage wanted to earn a living for the family and also to change their life are likely to become a delinquent. However, there is a Chinese saying that “the lotus flower is not polluted by the harsh living condition- water with dirt”. Some may turn out to be successful people as they channel into the correct path. Rich children have the probability involving in delinquency as they have abundance of allowances from their wealthy family. They could be just partying all day and become drug addicts instead of appreciating their lucky background. Youngsters must remember the priorities in life instead of letting your time wasted on something unnecessary. They may argue trying out new things are something to be explore but I wouldn’t go for such an extent.

My opinion in such a matter is that environment is not just about the binary of poor and rich but also happy VS sad. A family who is poor but happy with parents showering their love and concern towards their children are likely to form a closer bond between one another. Children may know that they can’t disappoint their parents who have been working so hard for the family and wanting to change the living condition. It does not matter if parents are poor but at least they are good role models that is not willing to give up to poverty and hardship in life. Children must be proud of them instead of comparing your life to friends who parents are rich. Sometimes it is s true that people can’t really buy happiness with money. You may buy clothes that you desire, spend in a five-star restaurant, shop the latest mobile phone or technologies and purchase properties throughout the world but you will never buy the heart of someone who will sincerely love you and spend quality time with you. The point of happiness is linked to delinquency because delinquents are replacing their happiness with wealth. However, they may never be happy. Doing the sinful things such as distributing drugs, involving in black market, illegal gambling and weapon businesses, “successful” delinquents realize they have to continue their path. It is impossible for them to just escape from the position they have climbed throughout the years of effort.

What about those “unsuccessful” delinquents? I am sure some may be unhappy and shower with guilt feelings. Besides that, why do genuine non-delinquent such as university graduates and professionals involve themselves in crimes? We see the gradual increase of young female graduates who turn themselves into prostitution instead of finding a decent and “normal” job. Life is so fleeting so why destruct yourself in such a job? Personal circumstances that outsiders sometimes may not understand is also one of the factors that bring upon such tragedy. On my case at such a young age, I can only disagree such action. No matter how desperate a person is for any reasons-money and relationships, never hand yourself into a dirty world of delinquency. The future of delinquents is never as bright as anyone thought it will be. It is never a mistake to have such a thought. You can’t really avoid the eyes of the non-delinquents, police and even the prison confinement. Sometimes, it is just luck if you get away. I always believe that good will triumph over evil, is just a matter of time. 


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