“I try to make the world a beautiful place instead of searching for a beautiful place.”

“I just hope that my world will be a beautiful place.” 

A beautiful place is not just surrounded by happiness but love and a sense of empowerment. 

I was told that a place does not necessarily be as wonderful as we though but at least we are part of that particular place.

At minimum, we are able to fit in, able to live life with meanings and aims.  

If Life is like a movie, would it be too beautiful that make us think that we are not living in reality?

I hold on my breathe as I kept moving along the path that is claim to be beautiful as ever. 

Will I ever make this place beautiful as I wonder? Will I ever attempt to even make my world a beautiful place?

Limitations and unpredictability become the barriers in creating this beautiful place. 

Every possibilities are opportunities for constructing the beautiful world inside me. 

Without just focusing on the external side of beauty but inner fabulousity. 

As I channel my path by constantly praying and hoping for a beautiful world.

A beautiful world will never exist without companions.

The only thing I learn to make the world a beautiful place is by appreciating the people around me, share the joy and sorrow and support each other unconditionally.

Fame, money, power and success are not the only things that will make my world beautiful but rather the love, fun, joy and fortune that make the beauty of my world long-lasting.

Even flowers do not blossom all the time and therefore life is not always a repetition of spectacular and gorgeous events that is lining up, waiting to be taken place.  

I shall do my best and strive hard to make my world a beautiful place then to search for a beautiful place. 

Beautiful places are sometimes illusions that fade away easily and obtain without the effort of sweat and blood. 



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