The people of a nation have always crave for freedom, liberation and wanting to remove the destructive formula of old politics. Fundamentally, we see the imagery of reality versus fantasy. A nation will always have someone to rule the people. They will need a leader. What makes a good leader? The one that is loved by its people or the one that is able to improvise the country into a better place or is it to let all the citizens receive equal human rights and quality life? The act of bribery and corruption are always heavily implicated in the formulation of our understandings of what the range of meanings lying behind the label ‘politics’ might be. As politics are such complex entity and full of uncertainty, conflicts and frictions are inevitable. A free world is a world that allows you to do whatever you desire or rather I felt that there are still restriction that taken place not just in politics but culture, economics and individuals.

When someone said:” Would you like a piece of chocolate cake? I just made it.” In such a situation, the free world theory is definitely applicable when you can just politely rejects the offer but sometimes ambivalence happen on certain people especially those who are always indecisive. You would think it is more appropriate to not decline the offer so you might as well agree. On another context especially when writing a letter to your employer, the format must be as formal as possible. When it comes to speaking to your tutor is different with speaking to your friends. Living in a free world but we have to always remember the rules and principles that are norms. Sometimes it is not a mere abide of regulations but also include what is right or wrong. We can’t just argue that this is a free world and forcefully go against the law.

Freedom is something positive to be achieved if it is not sinfully obtained. Wanting freedom does not meant in applying violence and carry out crimes that abruptly hurt the innocence who do not understand your concept of freedom. A good example is that there are a definite number of criminals who uses bribery to escape from the confinement prison and buy freedom. Freedom is not always something to look forward to if a person has not experience any limitation in the things that he or she wanted to do or the space that he or she choose to stay.

Is Freedom necessarily a good thing and all? Leaving your parents’ home, move out to a new environment and have your own space and time representing your type of freedom. You have finally escape from all the nagging and complaint. But hang on? Something still amiss, you miss part of the enclosed area. You miss your old home, old room, your family, home cooked food and you will realize at the very end that too much freedom is not a good thing. Teenagers may become delinquent if excessive freedom is given to them. They are not mature enough to consider their future and requires parental guidance.

When you are feeling happy or sad, you have the urge of laughing, smiling, crying and being grumpy. However, you will hold your breath and not do it especially in the public space. It is a free world so why not just do it? Laughing alone means insane, smiling means crazy, crying means depression, grumpy means unfriendly so there is no freedom at all in the world that we are living. That includes our emotion. Having a diet means you have to control the food intake and freedom of having desserts and the wonderful delicacies are separated from you. Lacking money limits you in spending which your freedom has to put away when it comes to buying expensive items.

After exams, why do students always make the claim that they can finally have the freedom? Having the freedom means getting the chance to do the things that they want and best of all, they do not have to study day and night. When doing something that you dislike directs the lack of freedom. This include having to sit for exam, to do house chores, to listen to your parents and to follow the nature of being a human, a student, a son/daughter and a sis/bro. Identities are played out through the level of freedom. As a student, you have limited time in entertainment. As a girl, you have to restrict yourself in going out late at night. These are all part of freedom in our daily life. We wishes to be like a bird, embraces and flaps the wings, going to the destination that we want. Everything has its pros and cons, thus do not always wish for something as the wishes are probably not as pleasuring as you think they will be especially when it comes to freedom. 


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