Addicted to convenience

I was on my way home, trying to go for shortcut rather than the main road. It was alright. Then one day, I was up to not rushing so I stick to the main road. It was longer than I thought. I feel like a coffee but I wouldn’t bother getting them from the cafe so I make one for myself at home. I wasn’t up to cooking for the night so I went dining out. I put all my clothes into the washing machine when I could just hand-wash them. I call up my friend on my mobile phone when she is just across the road. I searched for e-resources online rather than borrowing hard copies of books in the library. I like shopping but unwilling to carry stuffs. I took the lift rather than climbing a few storey of stairs. I went to the convenience store opposite my home to get some expensive milk rather than the cheap milk at the super market a few blocks away from my house. I took the bus home when I could be home after a short 10 minutes walk. I turn to streaming rather than downloading when it comes to dramas and movies. I put on a jumper when I go to uni and not wanting to spend time finding a decent blouse and a cardigan. 

You might be thinking I am definitely addicted to convenience. Well, the examples above to be honest are not entirely referred to me. These are just random examples that any of you might did it and it is common to have such behaviours and attitudes. I am definitely not addicted to convenience. The reason for putting this title as my post is to critique the life of human beings. We are gradually going for convenience, we have constantly seeking for something easy in life. Even the simplest task of getting coffee, we will still go for the “piece of cake”. Once in a while, you may go for the trouble to get what you like which are more difficult and intricate but often you will still stick to the context of accessibility and try not to be as high demanding as possible. 

*This is my shortest post ever, well because IS JUST A MATTER OF CONVENIENCE & its FRIDAY 🙂


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