I am sure that every human beings in this world face isolation at certain moments. You will feel as if no one is there for you and you are been isolated for no reasons. I was inspired to write this topic as I felt the connection towards loneliness and the emotional detachment into it. Besides that, the theme of isolation is introduced in one of the screenwriting classes which allows me to write and discuss in another perspective rather than doing a film analysis. In terms of isolation, I will associate it with a Japanese word “Hikikomori” which meant someone who likes withdrawing himself from social interaction and actively stays at home. This word is used in a more powerful context when the person is like a recluse from society, not working while depending his parents’ inheritance or welfare support.

There are some main reasons for these people to behave like this. Once in a while, they do not receive empathy but definitely some amount of sympathy. They behave oddly for a reason. People aren’t just born as the person they are. Something constructs their attitude, behaviour and cognitive. We certainly need to think about the memories and past in this form of situation. Often, traumatization occurs on the person, leading him/her rejecting to go outside and home becomes the safest place. They have a sense of empowerment at home while they see somewhere beyond the home as intrusive, corrupted, threatening and dangerous.

There are many kinds of isolation we felt throughout our life, depends on how deep is the isolation and how long does it goes on. People have always been quite pessimistic when it comes to their social life and they will never appreciate the people, friends and family around them. Thinking negatively that their life is full of despair, confinement and solitariness. It is incredible how humans can change their emotional very quickly. Having a life with lots of friends and a beloved family, yet some of us still see our life overflow with isolation. We felt lonely just all of a sudden. Waiting for a friend in a shopping centre, looking at the passer-by and the time seems to be moving so slow, you are alone. Eating in a dining room with others eating out seems pitiful. Walking on the street all by yourself with people around you but you felt this loneliness rush into your veins. Every part of our life seems to be just one person. Buying your favourite drink, yet no one is there to share.

Have any of you watched Will Smith’s “I Am Legend”? Such isolation is just unbearable. Having a dog as companion is not enough and especially there is no one around you, even a stranger is not at sight. Who does he talk to most of the time? People who isolate themselves have more tendency into talking to themselves. Research have proven that sometimes talking to yourselves, get your mind working and be more organized. However, excessive “talk-to-yourself” may lead to over organizing stuffs and become paranoia when things do not go according the way it is. Your mind starts to topple over and eventually break down. This is definitely not a discriminate towards people who are a recluse from society and everyone can choose the way they wanted to live. It is not meant to be for all of us to have great contribution to society. One or less does not make any difference. But, we must realize that every human power counts. Feeling the spontaneous loneliness is alright but do not trap yourself in the world of your own. Always remember that not everyone is born to be alone unless you are the sole survivor at the end of the world. 

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