Asian stereotype

It has become an accepted fact that we did stereotyping on someone especially when it comes to different races and ethnicity. Sometimes, we stereotype people no matter who they are or based on the significant action, attitude and behaviour of a person with a particular race. One person is not enough to form a stereotype. At least, there must a handful of person out there of the same race did the same thing. Stereotype is a cycle and it keeps going until the rest of our lives. I would like to discuss some of the 10 common stereotypes that are projected on us, Asians

1. Asian parents are strict and conservative

Traditionally, Asian parents are more conservative, not open minded and are strict to their children and this is pass on from generation to generation. They are more likely competitive among other parents in terms of their children’s exam grades and other skills as well. However, time has changed. Some parents are slowly accepting some other ways in educating their children, wanting them to be more independent, make their own decision and of course learn to determine your own future and pathways. When Asian parents are strict, it is not always a bad thing. The children themselves are influenced by the constant nagging and useful advices received from their Asian parents, thus they will learn not to be rebellious or going overboard in terms of behavious and attitude.

2. Asians are bad drivers.

This is so not true. When I first hear from my Aussie friend of what Asian stereotype has she heard of and she told me this? Well, I admit that I am not a good driver myself but that does not indicate that other Asians are bad drivers. Prove this fact by giving a more validate data rather than based on personal experiences. We do not abide with road rules, well we do but not all us. That makes other Westerners too so not all Asian violate rules.

3. Asians are nerds

Yeah, that is true. We wear glasses and constantly on our technology tools make us nerds. Then what about Bill Gates? What about Steve Jobs? You got to be a nerd to be a genius. People who study computers do not make them nerds and wearing glasses is just part of the look that makes a nerd a nerd. Some Asians can be smart looking wearing glasses and I was told by some Asian that wearing glasses can actually make your face smaller? (I know! Another stereotype…) I guess every ethnicity and race have their own nerds. Nerds definitely not a good name to be applied on someone especially he or she is not one of them, SO RESPECT!

4. Asians are good at maths

I am not good at maths. It is true that many Asians excel in maths. We see a lot in schools and universities but that does not make every Asians math god or something. Maths is often something objective, you either understand or you will never understand. Therefore, I reckon Asian are more keen on something practical like accounting, statistics and math kind of thing which make us all Asian seems to be over-numbered in those fields and areas. However there are still creative artist and people who go out of the Asian norm and go for something subjective like drawing, acting, film-making and writing. That makes this stereotype invalid.

5. Asians speak loud

I do admit that when it comes to speaking our own language and talking in our comfort zone. We may be blasting like a speaker even in public places like on the train, on the street and in the lift but some of us know we must change.  Come on! Westerners speak loud too with their language if they are on the phone but of course some civilized ones will speak in a polite manner or a lower tone, more like whispering especially when there are others around. Asian language seems offensive when it is speak loudly, therefore I do understand others’ dilemmas.

6. Asians are quiet

Oh yes but not all Asians are quiet. It is funny how some Asians argue that they are quiet because they are thinking. They are analysing the questions in their mind, rather than blatantly speaks out their ideas and opinions. I find this controversial towards “Asians are loud” so this issue is related to our language background. We are only loud and bold when we are in our comfort zone when everyone speaks the mother language. What about Asians who are born overseas like in the States, Australia, New Zealand and England. This make a total difference and distinction between the local Asians and international Asians. The proficient English Asian speakers are most likely to be speaking more compared to typical Asians.

7. Asians like acting cute

Have anyone of you come across of the word “Aegyo”? The term comes from the Korean community and it has totally become a norm especially among girls and young women. Acting cute is always common and when Westerners try acting cute, it seems to be weird and different. Cute is only suitable for Asians maybe? I reckon the facial features does influence the way we play our gestures. People are annoyed by this stereotype as aegyo is used too much and it becomes really frustrating rather than attractive. Check out “Gwiyomi”, a Korean cutesy rhyme and you will understand the phenomenon much better.

8. Asians like “Selca” and taking food pictures.

We are photo taking maniac but not only that, we like taking ourselves and posting them on Facebook. “Selca” mean self-camera, Asians have high self-esteem and so we take pictures of ourselves even we are pretty or ugly. THIS is totally a popular culture among Asians. I am not quite sure of the reasons but probably a selca tells a thousand word? Besides that, we just love taking food pictures. When the food is served, the first thing we do is not taking our utensils and start satisfying our hunger pangs but take out our mobile phone “snap!”. “Have xxx cuisine in xxx” or “Yummy!!” are all around in Asian’s Facebook, Instagram, twitter and blog.

9. Asians have small eyes.

We put on contact lenses to make our eyes look bigger and of course to have a similar kind of look with Westerners who have blue, green eyes. Our eyes are not small. I don’t think my eyes are small as an Asian. It is true that some of us have small and slanted eyes but that does not mean all of us have those type of similar eyes. I find this stereotype offensive even though it is true. Westerners are more attractive because of their eyes but that doesn’t mean that you all can pick on us on our appearances. We are born this way, it is not like we get to choose.

10. Asians like drinking bubble tea

Asians invent bubble tea which make us accepting it more than other drinks but that does not mean that we do not drink coffee, soft drinks and other beverages. I do not even understand such stereotype. There are definitely many bubble tea shops around us but not only Asians are drinking them, Westerners are buying them as well so accept the reality that time is changing. Some Asians eat blue cheese and some Westerners eat chicken feet as well.  

Not only Asian stereotypes are formed, we Asians have stereotypes on other races too so I respect and understand of such stereotyping that goes on and on. It is just inevitable to remove stereotyping but at least there are some aspects that people have to be clear to themselves, which are true or false, which are offensive and which can be taken seriously.  


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