Just friends…

I have seen good friends that are both the opposite sex, whilst they did not develop into a deeper relationship or go beyond the friend zone. This allows me to question whether boys and girls are able to maintain as “Just Friends” or there is actually something that lies beneath the relationship. As we all know that a partner or couple always starts off with just friends and then they started to develop certain kind of different feelings towards him or her. It wasn’t just friends anymore. 

This form of relationship is known as the blurry stage which you question yourself constantly and wondering to yourself whether you and him or her can actually move forward to be something else. Sometimes, you are confuse yet you maintain your friendship with him or her temporary until one of you make a move. After some time, you will soon realize the truth between the both of you. Relationship is drawn and invented artistically and it connects with other relationships creatively in its own way, which is why it is so complicated.

After a few thoughts, males and females definitely can be just friends. There is a definite distinction between a friend and a boyfriend/girlfriend. Undoubtedly, you like your male friend or female friend. Both of you have common topics, jokes and genuine interests but you must be clear after some time whether he or she is a person that you “like” or “love”. However, many relationships that I understand are shifted from “like” to “love” which some people find it hard to cope with tangled sort of relationships.Some cases are much easier to observe whether a person is just a friend or it could be something else. When you look at a person that treats every of his or her opposite gender friends equally like you, assumed and put him or her under the friend list instead of stupidly fall into the love trap.

Relationships are always different for everyone. Some people are quick to realize who they like and who they love whereas some of us just blindly loves everyone. A male/female friend is just a friend is because he or she is not your ideal type. You like him or her because of friendliness, humour, mutual interests, understanding and respect but he or she lacks of the love spark when spending time together. However, you feel comfortable around him or her. Strangely, he or she knows your strength, weaknesses, your likes and dislikes just like your boyfriend or girlfriend. This friend zone is definitely situated in an awkward position especially you know your friend longer than you know your partner. It is more awkward when physical contact initiates closer relationship between each other. 

It is not a sin to like your friend but make sure it is not going too deep and affect your current relationship. Of course being in a relationship makes you mature and able to understand such theories, principles and rules which are not learn from the book. Seeing the close relationship between a girl and a guy always makes me wonder whether they are just friends or a couple, whether they will betray their partner one day. Rumors do not stop once imagination kept running. Others are just like me kept thinking and wondering. Make up your mind, FRIENDS!! 

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