This means war when everything fell apart in a country. Politics are always complicated and there will never be a compromise between the people and the ruler. Born in such a country is not always our choice yet the way we choose our leaders in the country is up to us. People are leaving this country because of the malicious, threatening, and dangerous side of the parliament. The citizens have always been dissatisfied of how the country has been ruled. They want to play fair with the government. However, it is always the cruel reality that breaks the hearts of most citizens.

WE people knew that the national front (BN) is up against the opposition in order to gain victory and once again ruling the country. They continuously put the country is an unbearable condition and Malaysia will always be labelled as a developing country. The people are fighting yet their voice is like a shadow. Their actions are like wind, fade away easily and easily covered by the authority. The oppositions are fighting hard for the people. However, not all citizens realize the importance of having a ‘clean’ politics. When it comes to the once every four years election, it is always a big thing especially Malaysia is labelled as a democratic country. What an ambiguity term! People are voting for the leader party that they want yet tricks and jokes are used on such imperative activity. What does this imply? The government thinks that they could manipulate and leverage on us. Some of us are awake especially the younger generation. We will fight till the day we have our last breath and the propaganda will be pass on to generation to generation until we see there are changes in our changes, until we see that everyone is treated equally, until we see there are some hope in our economics, education, medical facilities, public transportation and of course some modernization.

People should really wake up and do something about it. The reason of our rebellious mind is not strong enough is that not everyone is alert of the situation we are currently undergoing right now and the future consequences that we will be facing. Other countries could not care less and some groups of people in Malaysia are still poisoned by their individual’s greed, desires and selfishness. Malaysia is a race-based country and we have three main races. Of course some Malays have actually realize the national party will soon destruct the country with corruption, race inequality treatment and ineffective methods running the country. In 5th May 2013, it is known as the darkest day of history in Malaysia as the people are disheartening and their hearts are fill with disappointment, frustration and a definite loses of trust towards the government.

Upset is one thing, anger is the second thing especially the results are not up to their expectation. Rather than saying expectation, the word “wish” is more appropriate. Before the election, everyone was sharing the information and the initiatives that were carried out by the oppositional party and national party. Fight and riot occur physically, verbally and emotionally specifically in my home town. On my Facebook, messages were delivered and the voices are spread worldwide. There has been fraud circulating around the election and democratic process is not positively carried out. The National Party used foreign workers to maintain their position in the country. Free Identification Card (citizenship) is given with the condition of voting them instead of the opposition. What a creative idea indeed, yet people will just accelerate their disappointment on you.

“Despite strong support from voters of Chinese origin, Anwar Ibrahim’s opposition coalition failed to convert Malay voters, especially in rural areas. “ (ABC NEWS-Australia Network News)

Majority of Chinese definitely have refused to support the development plans urged by the government and the national front (BN) because of their unreliability in terms of the way they use our money, the things that they invest on using the people’s hard earn money. The members of BN are like the antagonists in the movies, tactics are like schemes and minds are full of decay plans. Our prime minister of BN said that “I hope the opposition accepts the result with an open heart and will allow the democratic process to continue.” (ABC News-Australia Network News)

He is expecting that the citizens will accept all these. He really thinks that after the results have been released, the people will forget what he did!” The election results are disputed and of course in between are lies, dishonestly and manipulative. After the results are out, some have already expected the outcome, some just hope everything was a lie, some just gave up. On Facebook, we see people putting a blank black background as profile pictures signifying they have lost hope, representing that the national front is corrupted and evil like a black hole. Once we have step into the black hole, it is hard to get out. The hole seems to be getting deeper. People who have work hard to voice their opinion are exhausted mentally, trying to climb out of the black hole. Come on, this not like the end of the world. We need stand up and fight for what we should do. Our identities as Malaysians is not just a mere personal identity but it is associate with our responses, our choices and our persistence in getting something that we want from the government.

I have said what I have to say. I know my country well. Living in a multinational country is like stepping into a maze. The road will be difficult especially for opposition and constantly, they have to choose the correct direction in leading them to a successful takeover of the country without the interference and hassle of national front. Rumours have spread that violence will definitely take place and eventually Malaysian will find themselves stuck in a dilemma of peace issue and unity. I guess the most vital thing is to stay safe and do not go overboard for something that is not achievable. Just do what you can do best as a student, as a mother, as an entertainer, as a politician, as a teacher, as a doctor, as a police or even as a CEO. I have rest my case does not mean that I have gave up on everything what I can do for the country. MY COUNTRY, MALAYSIA has reached Independence but there are still other visible and invisible factors that lead Malaysia into a developing country and not able to move forward from the past till the future. 

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