generation Y

I am from Gen-Y which is known as Generation Y- people who are born between 1982-1999.

A study in U.S shows that youth nowadays are more materialistic and have the less willingness to work compared to the past generations which I think is a fact which filled with ambivalence. Regarding to such a remark, some people may not agree as they are hardworking, ambitious and still willing to put more of their time in work, skills and knowledge instead of being apathetic and lackadaisical.

It is not a deniable phenomenon that we see students working part time. Every one of them with different purposes. Some wish to earn their money to support their studies, some just to gain experience while some just to earn extra to buy the things that they desire. This really shows that not all Gen-Y are materialistic, people have their personal dilemmas especially due to their imperfection of family background and other forms of factor. Still, on the other hand society has gradually constructed the type of person we are. Being materialistic means obsess with branded stuffs, buying expensive items from accessories, clothes, bags and cars. These aren’t necessities in life yet we youth crave for the life of having all the money in the world without putting in any effort. The past generation sees us as malignant because it is a mere impossibility if you do not work for what you want.

I would like to suggest that youth are not mature enough to actually realise that their life is not a bed of roses. They are born into a family without any financial problem and that leads them to think that they will live just like their parents when they step out to society. Gen-Y do not see their parents driving a junk car, living in a dingy apartment and working from the bottom to the level they are right now. It is not easy and Gen-Y are more confident in the sense that they think they are able to work and earn lots in the future easily. However, reality hurts. With such an attitude, they will probably struggle in the working field.

The history inevitably becomes one of the factor that affects the Generation Y. Things were better for us when it comes to the growth of economic, the politic stability, the existence of variety technologies and the living condition. Everything seems to be a good timing as our past generations have work hard for the future generation which are us. We take everything for granted. We became selfless, dependent and stubborn. Not only that, it is just a matter of time that generation by generation will slowly undergoes cultural shift and social inability will occur. Therefore, we can’t really blame Gen Y for having a certain kind of attitude, behaviour and thoughts.

Parents play an important role in bringing up their kids and educate the youth. They should really train the kids to do things on their own and the only thing parents do is to become a good role model rather than being generous, giving all the things that children wants. Having a materialistic child is problematic and they spend before they even start earning. Having said that, some youth will still asks for money from their parents after working. Once or twice during the early phase of their working life is alright but Gen-Y is not satisfied with their work. They want more pay and they think the contribution they made should be paid more. So, they go for their parents for pocket money in order to satisfy their needs and their materialistic heart. But, there are often Gen-Y that is independent and been filial piety. They work and work but most of their money goes to the parents instead of themselves.

Gen-Y are said to be unmotivated as well. They study because their parents want them to study. Most of them study to get “a better life” in the future which meant to indulge themselves into a sophisticated lifestyle with expensive cars that even the parent could not afford, clothes that are designer brands and furnished house with standard design. Less people are pursuing a career of their dream as it contradicts with reality. Wanting to be on top means going for something that you don’t like but allows you to earn quite a substantial amount of money and of course something that makes your family proud.

For my case, thinking and ways of expressing myself are different compared to my parents but I will still retain some of the lessons and values that I have learnt from the past generation. Sometimes, I do agree in a certain extent that we Gen-Y are suck up with branded materials, wanting the latest technology or items and not working hard for them. However as I grow up, I know I will realise the beauty of working hard for your life instead of depending on the past generation’s effort in giving us a comfortable living condition. I will see the advices given by the past Generation to us, Gen-Y as gold and are precious in guiding us into a good life. In the end, we will probably need to think of the future generation as one day we will become a parent too.


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