Good versus bad

One day, I was just flipping through a random magazine and it was about Buddhism. As a Buddhist, never have I learn the inner knowledge of the religion as I have always though that the things they teach in religion is of similar. As long as you believe in your God and have fate in it, keep your promises and stay on the correct path means you are fine. People who do not believe in religion are still able to survive if they do not carry out major sins. But what actually consider of a major sin? Is killing someone a major sin? Is betraying someone a major sin? I would say murder is definitely a major sin. It really all depends on how a person thinks of a sin. From just a short paragraph that introduces Buddhism and promotes the classes in Sydney, of course with willingness I read it.

The story tells us a baby that was about to fall into the well was save by a man that apparently was a robber. Buddhism was informing us that every human being has a good side. The reason behind this story is to imply the decision that humans made whether it is to do something good or something bad. Each and every one of us were not born with the heart of an angle and a mind of a devil. We were actually taught by someone and influenced by society. Humans are not pure evil and nor someone who is seen to be kind does not do bad things. There is always a bad and a good side of every individual. We tell lies because we think there is a need to tell one, but does this shows that we are bad and everything? A polite girl who do not carry out violence on anyone but we see stepping on an army of ants so is she categorized as gentle or brutal instead? Someone who smokes, has tattoo and speaks coarse language gives an accident victim a lift to the hospital shows that he is not a bad person after-all.

After such an inspirational read about the inner side of human beings, it was actually quite agreeable in such a fact. We sometimes think the people that we have been mixing are kind, lovely and amiable but do we actually understands the mind of the person. Some people are good in hiding their emotions and feelings, therefore we do not even realize that we have interfere her intention and decision. Hence, it was never easy to figure out who is the kind one. People who are seem unfriendly on the outside may not be as evil or mysterious as you think. They were probably just shy and afraid in interacting with people. Sometimes, I find people who are too friendly may filled with intentions and uncertainty. They may be warm all of a sudden and cold to you the next minute. Expectations dawned on you as you will always be expecting something in return such as kindness, respect and friendship but it was just distances, apart and stranger zone.

I have also mentioned that we are taught by someone to be good or to be bad. Some parents do not properly educate their children, thus leading them to go astray-they do drugs, they gamble, they become gangsters and fight. Like Buddhism said, these people are just temporarily affected by the devil and we can just hope that one day they will be recover with slightest goodness in them. Time will heal or it will never but we must have fate in these people. The passage of time will bring these people to a certain level that they are just aware of their current situation as a dilemma or they will receive a lesson which teaches them and lead them to the correct path. Life is also about discovering yourself and realizing your identity. Once, you see yourself making mistakes and constantly going onto a new journey, the ever changing life does not stop until you have really reach the stage off self-actualization.

Some people are blinded with fame, money and status in society. Influence by society, their eyes see competition, class and name as something important in life. Just like young people that gone off from their correct paths, these adults may carry out crimes and be manipulative in working field just so to receive victory in life. The world has train humans to be competitive and so we have neglected the values and lessons in life in terms of our behaviour and attitudes. We ignore those little things such as respect, family values, moral values and some other life lessons. When people see a stack of hundred dollar bills on the floor just in front of them, how many would just take it and how many would report to the police? Contradicting to our indecisive mind, we see honesty as the best policy but then free earn cash is quite tempting too. It is difficult to do something that betrays your inner will, not entirely but partially. Therefore like I said, humans are all living in a grey area, knowing the distinctive of black and white yet continuously sometimes choose the black area. When the kindness in them is at peak, they stepped into the white once again. This makes the blurry division of greyisness in human beings.

2 thoughts on “Good versus bad

  1. Excellent post. I recently wrote about a similar topic.

    It is easier (maybe lazier, too) to separate people into categories of “good” and “bad” instead of seeing the capacity to do both in everyone. When we see someone do something we don’t like, we don’t always want to believe we could do the same thing, so we manufacture a split between us and them to assuage our ego.

    • Thank you. It is true that we categorize the “good” and the “bad” according to social norms but people don’t really see things subjectively and in a wider perspective. They just made assumptions, constantly label something and been stereotypical. That is why some people have double personality, the opposite of their real personality could not remain hidden as well.

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