A habit, is an action that takes time to accumulate such fixation.

The first thing in the morning, I went for a glass of water. That makes a habit. It is learned rather than innate. Thinking what to spread on my toast. After some time, I still choose the usual peanut butter instead of orange marmalade. On the train, I checked my email using my mobile phone before taking a snooze. Everything is organized and sometimes a change is not necessary. A change makes you uncomfortable. A change makes you thinking of your previous habits. You will reflect all the options given.

Humans aren’t perfect. All of us carry out good habits and bad habits and sometimes these practices takes some time in either getting rid of it or building them up. A habit sometimes determine the sort of person we are, whether we are a perfectionist, a sort of person that has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or a person that is decisive or indecisive.

Often, our choices always associate with our habits and of course personalities. Life is all about choices and habit is something that is reflexive. Habits refer to behaviours that either causes problems or help us to cope with daily challenges. Some people have the habit of cleaning up after eating whereas some choose to leave their stuff on the tables. This form of habit quickly presents the type of person you are. Are you someone who emphasizes on cleanliness and whether you are prompt in cleaning up?

Habit is crucial as it articulates with your identity. Habit is not easy to be removed. It is not based on your behaviour but also your preferences. You choose romantic film over horror film, you choose italian cuisine over chinese cuisine, you choose fiction over non-fiction and you choose Apple over Samsung. What determines such a habit? We always went back to the same types of books, songs, sports, food and this includes choosing a partner. 

Someone told me that these preferences and choices change over some time. People who has always like spicy food, suddenly change their habits due to several factors. Sometimes, an unexpected event or trauma that triggers the person’s ability in sticking back into their usual routine, style and basic needs. Minor changes are fine. However, big changes may affect the relationship between that person and their families, friends and partner.

We have always knew the habits of our close friends and family members. For instance, we knew that our best friend slept till mid-day and we knew our siblings’ sleeping habits and eating habits. Our life is inseparable with habits, we continuously form habits and throw habits away. It becomes a cycle and the habits of human beings are constantly changing. 


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