10 Study best buddies?

1. Highlighter

I have always love using highlighter from ranges of different colours to pinpoint important sentences or phrases in my studies. I would probably encounter information overload when I just randomly study the book. It has always been helpful in summarizing the chapters and the shades of yellow, pink and green are absolutely visually stimulating for revision.  

2. Music

I know music is a total distraction when it comes to study. That is not often the case. Some may find themselves study in a public area where car passes by, child wailing, or people chatting. Music is the best alternative in creating your own private space for studying. However, I would not suggest something that moves your attention from the study content to the music rhythm where you can even dance along with it. 

3. Junk food

Funny that people crave for junk food when they are just using their brain power, just like me! But, this is only acceptable during break time. When it is time for serious study, stay away from chips or fries but go for nutbar, fruits and chocolate instead. Why? It is easy to handle! You do not need to wash up after eating them. Besides, nut bars and fruits are healthier option.

4. Beverages

Unless you really need it for your caffeine fix to stay awake or a hot chocolate to temporary satisfy your hunger, otherwise just stick to water. Water is always a better drink compared to any other drinks in the world. Other options are juices and coconut water. In a cold day, you may find hot drink mentally revitalize yourself during study. 

5. Notes

Study and jot down the key facts are much better than highlighting them. Trust me, is always a best way to memorize them and at the same time kept yourself awake. By reading and writing the same time, your brain works more. Hence, double the effectiveness in studying. However, keep in mind that making notes are time consuming. Therefore, always make it short and concise. Long winded notes can be done if you have an abundance of time.

6. Laptop

Laptop is an option to write your notes while studying. You could create Powerpoint and short notes of your study material which is faster and more convenient than traditional notes in papers. Since digital age, most people study on computers or laptops to show they are Internet savvy. However, not everyone owns their own laptop and desktop computers are not portable for some people. 

7. Internet

“A coin has two sides”. That includes Internet. Internet is a network system that contain useful information or e-study materials. Students are able to browse through the Internet, share knowledge and study online. The con would be another form of distraction. Internet has entertainment purpose and therefore people may go on Facebook and You Tube instead of spending time searching something that benefits their studies. 

8. Comfortable chairs/sofa w/o table/ with table

This is utmost crucial in determine the period of your study.  The more comfortable the chair is, the more you will be willing in remaining at the same position. Everyone’s back bone are important, therefore there is a need for extra care. Judging by the comfort level, sofa is not a good choice because of its soft and its feature of sliding down makes it hard for concentration. For my opinion, study on the table is always better than study on a sofa. By placing your book properly on a study desk, you won’t need to move around with your hand gestures and others. 

9. Library/ personal study room/ bedroom

This venue choice often depends on personal preference. I find studying in library is a distraction as I could not stop myself looking at people or the things revolving around the library. Some library is not properly guarded with some patrons making noises, causing a major distractions. Personal study room is good for quiet study time and I thought it is the best especially the only thing you do in a room is to study. Unlike studying in your own bedroom with a study desk beside, I often find myself lazing off. Moving from the desk to the floor then on the bed, doze off is more frequent then study. 

10. Exercise, break-time

I would highly recommend exercise and some break-time in between of your long hours of studying. Some people just do not understand the importance of it and some just violate the principle of having a break. Stand up after an hour and move around. Shake your leg, move your body, neck and shoulder. Even just for a toilet break, walking and stretching is beneficial for your long term study. You may look funny but do not ignore this part. Remember not to do excessive study as not everyone is able to cope with the information overload. Therefore, do not study at the very last minute and eventually forcing yourself into such a dilemma. 

This my top ten study best buddies or should I say enemies?? Well, I find study can also worked in many other ways but traditionally these are what we encounter during studying. 


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