What I do in Sydney?

It is an interesting question to be discuss upon as I have never looked back what I did after arriving in Sydney. Sydney is one of the world’s major cities and it is significantly well known for the landmarks and multiculturalism that evolves in a great extent. I would like to say walking across the Harbour Bridge was the most frequent thing that I have done since I am in Sydney. Everytime, crossing the vast blue sea becomes common. Yet one day when I was on the bridge, a huge cruise ship went passed under my legs. As if a giant is about to attack Sydney, my eyes were fix onto such a sight. 

For me, dining experience became the main attraction and most of them are remarkable from a myriad of cuisines choices . So what did I do in Sydney? I basically eat and eat and eat. One of the best restaurant claimed in Sydney that I have not been is the Quay Restaurant. The good ones that I have been are Kabuki Japanese Restaurant for mouth melting sashimi, Ryo for Japanese Ramen Noodles, Chat Thai and Home for exotic Thai food, Marigold for Chinese Yumcha, Concordia German club for their pork knuckles, prawn noodles and malaysian laksa from Malaysian and Chinese Takeaway, even the angus beef burger of Hungry Jacks taste marvelous.  Apart from that, there are still food outlet that serves typical Aussie food such as fish & chips, pies, toast and sandwiches. Of course, not to be miss out was the indulgence of delicate pastries and cakes. The most scrumptious almond croissant and baguette are found in La Banette Patisserie, Glebe. For the best Korean BBQ, is Jonga Jip in Eastwood. They serve ten side dishes and the meet that is served are good quality, tender and well-marinated. 

Some of the things that I did in Sydney as a tourist was once going for a trip to Blue Mountain, it was not  as breathtaking as I thought it will be. Then, seeing all the famous personalities and celebrities in the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum was quite thrilling. The Aquarium and Wildlife Sydney do not capture my full attention but the overall experience was alright. Once, I have spent an evening at the Harbourside. There are over 24 bars and restaurants, state of the art entertainment venues and magnificent waterfront views, plus free fireworks! Well, if anyone could afford to be one of the live spectators for the annually new year fireworks and indeed it will be guarantee amazing. 3-D experience in the IMAX theater was beyond what I expect. Watching documentary with polar bears, fishes in it, feels like I am in the North Pole or in the deep blue sea.  

Looking at Sydney Opera House is like looking at a random building yet it continuously captivate me with its beauty of structure. Never I got the chance to go inside of it. One day and finally, I was given an opportunity to watch an orchestra inside of the Opera House. Genuinely, I find myself appreciate the state of art and the culture, music that lies within the landmark. Vivid Sydney was one of the annual events that takes place in the city during May-June. It is a festival of light, music and idea. What really attracts me is the 3D motion pictures which are projected onto the Sydney Opera House, the Custom house and the museum of Contemporary Art Australia. I have just visited the Art Gallery of NSW. The admission is free. However in comparison, I find the Adelaide’s Art Gallery was far more outstanding. 

Besides that, there is free ferry ride especially during weekends where there is no inspector to check your ticket. From darling harbour, I took the ferry and get off at Luna Park which is situated at Milson’s Point where you could enjoy the theme park rides especially the Ferris Wheel that overlooks Sydney. Next to Milson’s Point is North Sydney, a suburb that is peaceful yet full of hustle during the weekdays. I find Chatswood as a hub for both Asian and Western. It is small yet I can find particularly anything there just like the city. Shopping centres, cinema, good food, asian groceries and the gym is just near the train station. This is where I spend my time zumba-ing and did my work out. Manly Beach, Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach are the threesome of wonderful beaches in Sydney, that is not to be miss. Although I seldom spend my time there but if you like the sun and the sea, I would highly recommend them. Picnic is fun especially when the weather is sunny and with the good company. Under the shades with some cool breeze and delicious home made food, I think Sydney’s Botanical Garden is a wonderful spot. 

Of course, I admit that I did quite a lot as a student but this is not only constitutes Sydney. There are more things to be discovered in Sydney, waiting for me to explore. If time allows me, certainly the experience gained in travelling will pile up. Besides that, I have missed to pinpoint some of the fantastic stuff that I did in Sydney which I have never done in my hometown such as bowling, pooling, eating salted popcorn instead of caramel ones, taking the train, speaking English, going to a pub and have a beer and indulging in Green Tea Latte. 


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