There are several barriers in my never ending journey. These barriers are the one that stops me from achieving the full potential of myself. From Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the self-actualization is listed at the very top which includes master every moral values, having the ideal personality, accomplish everything in life such as family, career, love, friendship and personal growth. I know time would tell whether this theory of Maslow prove its credibility. However, without discussing upon the psychological theory, each humans have their ups and downs. The journey is not always a bed of roses. Life is full of hardship that prohibits us from getting to our goals easily.

My first barrier is language. Language plays a very vital role in society. People communicate using language and whether you are able to play with language determines your life. Nobody is born with a perfect language skills. What I meant is not learning the language from books or school rather the way you used the language that you have learnt. This language is through practices and experiences. We learnt from mistakes, that gives us the idea of what to speak and what is appropriate in a dialogue. Somehow as time goes by, we understand the importance of using the correct words in a particular conversation. The way we speaks, vocabulary, grammar that we used are utterly important. During my journey, I have been searching for an answer of why language differences create such a big impact in terms of communicating with one another from distinctive cultural backgrounds. This occurs especially when my language is not as proficient as the ones who have always been speaking English as their mother language. I can’t possibly understand their jokes as much as they do not understand my message. Disruption occur between our channels and the situation worsen when they do not accept your flaw and differences. It is more frustrating when my mother languages of Mandarin is not speak in a traditional China accent and Cantonese that is not authentically Hong Kong style. This makes me stuck in the middle as three languages are not totally mastered but rather everything is learned basic. I must said this is annoying but if I think on a bright side, that makes me special. I have the power to at least communicate in the most fundamental level with all three different people of language background. Why language is such a big barrier for me? As I see my language skills are not up to standard and there is plenty of space for improvement. But what can I possibly do besides keep on focusing at the present? I could not really change the education that I have received throughout the years.

The next barrier is the attitude. I would not argue whether attitude is innate or learned but definitely it really affects the way we use our time, the way we perceived things, the way we treat things and the way we utilise what we have in life. There is always a grey side of an attitude. A good attitude does not necessary means you are on a success journey whereas a bad attitude does not necessarily make you a failure. I find my attitude is a menace yet sometimes it is not a total disaster. My lack of enthusiasm, not paying attention to details, lackadaisical, stubborn and not alert makes up in forming a certain kind of attitude. These flaws which preventing me from going beyond. When I find a job, I stop finding when I fail to get one. I do not finish what I have started. I am too sensitive in listening to people’s comments and feedbacks. I would not admit my own mistakes. I do not concentrate when I need to concentrate. I laid back when I need to be serious. I became too serious when everything was meant to be a joke. Life is just full of jokes. You never know what is right or wrong. You can never determine lies and truths. When I said these flaws aren’t leading me to become a total failure means creating my distinctive characteristic. Besides I kept comforting myself that no one is perfect so this form of impact carries me to replication of all sorts of personalities.

I would not entirely suggested that my background is the barrier. I have always been fortunate to receive a good education, coming from a family that showers me with lots of love and support and having no problem in daily necessities supply. Indeed, I should appreciate what I have and not take everything for granted. However, everything is not meant to be. A person will work hard for the future because they are dissatisfied with their current life. Therefore, they want a change of everything. Unable to get the things that they desire because of their class is frustrating but encourage them to work hard in life. Never I have experience poverty so driven force is not there to change my life. Apart from that, rich daughters and sons have no worries in life. Even if they fail, there is always a second chance or another path to move on. Being in the center really is hard which not too poor and not rich enough. That is what I felt but many choose to just ignore all these nonsensical barriers. There is no excuses in blaming these barriers because every success requires determination in facing each level. Remember, no short cut but one step at a time. This is just my personal thoughts on what stops me from getting to the top. Of course, there are still other barriers that prevents my dreams to become reality but three of the above are the general types of barrier.

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