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Never thought of wanting to share my blog on Facebook among my friends but just within my close family. I am wishing to see an unexpected outcome of my blog. I do not want false praises and random likes from my readers. Rather, I would like to see genuine and committed readers. I sometimes do find “Facebook like” contradicts with what the person thinks. When a person like your photo on social media, does it means something? Does it shows something? 

The moment when a stranger reads my blog post and finds it amusing, I was on top of the world. When the “likes” increases, everything just seems to be like a miracle. On the other hand, it becomes too common when your likes increases in a photo on your Facebook wall. Some random photos which are not professionally taken and yet they receive more like than a post that is written with lots of efforts, thinking and researching. 

On my blog “MCPW” is the initials of my name and the blog is labelled as “A never ending journey”. Possibly, you will see the label as a blog journey that will never end. However, my journey is not focus on blog but rather the context of creating a blog. Blog is not just meant to deliver my ideas but to expand my creativity. It gives me a private space to liberally write what I love to write. After two months of writing in a blog, it is tiring yet a total fulfilling experience. I have discovered my passion and at the same time I have learnt to be organized. Constantly getting my mind to work on a piece of post is a mentally healthy activity. By attaching each words with one another like a string of beads is fun and the need to find the correct terms and vocabulary make it challenging. That is the reason of a journey, full of an unstoppable challenges.


To receive unconditional love and support from my family is a bless and I shall cherish it throughout my never ending journey. This is one of the factor for the existence of my blog name. Something that is time-consuming does not necessarily produce an outcome that I desire, therefore I knew patience is always important especially when it comes to wishing of having my circle of readers supporting what I wrote and what I think. Tomorrow, I shall discuss the barriers that I face when it comes to such a journey. 


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