Looking at such an artistic form of water for the picture above, water represents life and revitalization. To me, it is a vital compound to every living beings. On a biological point of view, water is significant in the production of respiration and photosynthesis. Without explaining the complicated chemical processes, we genuinely realize that we simple could not live without water.

Throughout our life, water circles us and brings us numerous of benefits. Several countries face difficulty in retrieving clean water for consumption which brings illness and deaths. Many who are living in a country where water is an abundance component, they do not appreciate it and blatantly wasted a substantial amount of water unnecessarily.

Water is our daily supplement which should be consume at the correct amount. The purpose of water is to flush the system and remove wastes which are harmful for our bodies. If the wastes continually stay in our body, toxin and poison accumulates and cells could not produce effectively or the system has no “lubricant” to carry out their distinctive function. Water improves our blood circulation and aids body digestion. It kept our body’s pH in balance and alkalized. The chemicals and toxin derived from fast food, junk food and processed food are a hazard to us whereas the pure water gets rid of them and clean the body system. Water can be just pure mineral water, clean tap water and river water.  Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for us as they contain fluid or liquid form of beverages such as juice, coffee, tea and milk have water elements in them. Drinking them is far better than not drinking anything.

Water loss occurred every minute, therefore it is imperative to keep ourselves hydrated at all times. Having dry lips means you are dehydrated. When we visit the doctor, the advice that is inevitable is “drink lots of water”. This tells us the miraculous way of how water works. It is also a cooling agent for our bodies and regulates our body temperature. During the times when we work out and perspiration is carried out, water becomes critical so we have to consume water with the amount of how much we sweat. In terms of our external body, our skin complexion readily depends on the amount of water that we consume. To ensure our skin is moisturized, we put on masks, skin care products, lotion and cream. However, water is the key solution in assuring our skin is always in a good condition. Water helps to replenish skin tissue and increases skin elasticity. To have one of those beautiful skin and to lose some weight, water does help. It is zero calorie and helps us suppress our hunger and appetite. Some people may go for soup or porridge diet as they eat less but drink more. Alternatively, water becomes a substitution in achieving a fit and healthy body.

Headache and back pain could be the reason of dehydration and water becomes the remedy to cure these unwanted sickness. Water gets your immune system stronger in such a way. Besides that, your body does not need to work extra hard to maintain the system healthy as water is the saviour of our body. Water is fatigue’s biggest enemy, thus it helps to get us into better concentration and we will tend to be more alert with the situation around us. In the end, we feel happy as our body is healthy. Water keeps us healthy, provides longevity and channels good mood. Never neglect the importance of water. Well, what are you waiting now? Grab some water!


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