More than a pretty face

I want to be more than just a pretty face. Pretty face does not necessarily means having the face of a supermodel, a world renowned singer or any famous actresses. These people are successful not just based on their pretty faces, rather there are something else that build up their fame. I have considered myself pretty by all means having a complete set of normal facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, ears and eyebrows, without having the need to fix any destructive body parts due to natural deficiency or accidents. We have to appreciate the faces that we are born with and no one is perfect. Sometimes the fact that we are so concern about our face is due to the social norms that driven us into such thought. Some people have to consider themselves very fortunate compared to people who has to undergo the life of having a disfigured face. In this post, I would like to mention the importance of both outer appearances and inner beauty in our society. They are the ones that determine our personality, popularity, level of self-esteem, self-conscious, success level and future.

Even long ago, outer appearance is emphasised on particularly women. Sometimes, it is based on your class in society which makes the royalty princesses, queens and the daughters of the authority attractive in a way. Pretty is often associate with having a sort of charisma rather than having beautiful facial features. Therefore, their class and sophistication make them pretty in a certain kind of way. I find Westerners are often prettier than Asian and Asians that are mixed with Westerners are all fascinating looking as well compared to typical Asians. Westerners do not necessarily have to put on heavy make up to make themselves pretty as their eyes are naturally charming with different colours, from the sea blue to greenish shade whereas Asians are mostly brown and dull looking. Asians have to put on coloured circle lenses in order to look like them even though it is not natural looking for them. The binaries of a myriad races form the beauty imageries around the world through the skin that we are born with.

Why is outer appearance such a vital factor in determine our life? First impression when we interact with someone is formed within 5 seconds which meant that the way we smile, our gestures, the way we dress and eye contact are all equally significant in our social interaction. This gradually affects our relationship with one another. Imagine someone having a stiff posture, shy, not smiling and talking without making eye contact, what makes that person? He is rude, unfriendly and not welcoming. Consequently, people rejects him. Normally, people would “look” at people based on their appearances rather than their personality. They mix with the same category of people- pretty people. Their style of talking and dressing are quite similar. In terms of genuine pretty, it is taunting against personality. People have always think that pretty people are not as kind and they are hard to approach compared to average looking people. I find pretty people are mostly popular among the opposite gender which presents a normative kind of attraction.

Level of self-esteem is constructed based on our faces whether they are good enough to be shown in public or there is still some lacking areas when compared to other pretty faces. Higher self-esteem people are proud of their face and often this becomes a weapon for them to outshine the others. They are confident and do not take note of criticisms from others. Once in a while, they take their faces for granted. Sometimes, too much confidence kills a person as he or she do not appreciate the opinions from others. In other words, they are not self-conscious of the flaws they have but hold onto their perfect side. Lower self-esteem people are unconfident which puts people off as they are full of pessimistic. Never will they satisfy of the face given or the face that is fixed. They are highly sensitive when comment is made on them. They are too self-conscious of every bits and pieces about them. In such an extent, moderation is the key of gaining a correct level of self-esteem. You do not want to be arrogant, aloof and at the same time be satisfy of what you have and show some confidence.

We all knew that pretty faces won’t last forever as people grow old when time goes by. Their face will never stay young, smooth and flawless but wrinkles add onto it. One day, pretty face will fade and soon we will realize the inner side of ours is still the most crucial in determine our future. Inner side includes our knowledge, wisdom, thinking, attitude, reliability, trustworthy, personality, emotional strength, ability and sustainability. In reality, we see how younger girls manipulate in work using their outer appearance shows the importance of “the face”. Yet, we see how female politicians, leaders, charity organizers or professional people tackle difficult situations and stay calmer. Some of them are not pretty but we see them as attractive women because of their contribution to society and their hardwork that draws us into admiration and respect. Among our friends, we see how popular they are even though they are not really pretty on the outer side but because they are kind-hearted, friendly and not bitchy. There are many people around the world that is named as “not just a pretty face”. They are strong, powerful, charismatic, genius yet remain humble.  I really do wish to have not just a pretty face. Girls do not want to be label as dumb blonde but let others to see what they are capable in doing. Just like smart nerds wish to have a “blows men away” face instead of a mere smarty pants.

When pretty is often used on females, the word has suddenly shifted to males as well. We came to understand handsome and masculine are the normal context but among the Korean community, it depicts men that are actually prettier than women which is unusual for other countries. Besides having men to become a stereotypical of homosexuality issue, it constructs men’s perception in beauty. Men physically are not as conscious of their face but as time has changed, there are men who look after of their skin and face. They put on masks and skin care products just like women do. This social change definitely brings a huge impact on the commodity and fashion market too. Throughout our life, we will always be judge by others based on our look and then gradually depends on our inner side and what values that we possess.


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