Bread lover


The moment I heard the sound of something popping out from the toaster. I immediately rush towards it, could not wait to have a bite on the bread. Therefore, it is something irresistible. There is always a sense of euphoria and satisfactory after eating them. Bread has always been an experience of something that melts in my mouth like ice-cream, if I spread it with some honey, fruit jam, peanut butter or nutella. Besides that, I could easily dip into hot chocolate or coffee if I ran out of those spread. Bread has the crunchiness after toasting and sometimes you can taste the grains and seeds on the surfaces which make them wholesome and high in fibre. It can be both a savoury and a dessert. However, I have always like mine sweet. Every time I went to fine dining, bread is a common pre-appetizer which temporarily allow you to set in the first impression of the restaurant. Once you get a bread that is hard like a rock until you could not even have a bite of it, it means the restaurant is not taking care of the details. Consider yourself lucky to have the bread served warm and just right for you to tear into half. Try coating the bread with some butter, the taste is just divine plus with a dip into the olive oil and a pinch of salt provided. Another option is to dip into soup if it is serves as appetizer. Visually pleasant if I found a bakery that serves an array of different flavours and textures of bread. I have never been to Taiwan but apparently you are able to purchase a variety of gourmet Asian breads from the convenience store, even better than the ones from bakery.

Bread has become an important source of food. Everyone loves bread and you can find them readily available in any bakeries, restaurant, café, food outlet and even convenience store. I find both Asian and Western’s bread are just equally tasty and appetizing. Particularly Asian breads are buns that stuffed with minced meat, vegetables, black sesame, lotus seed paste, pandan and custard. For those who are busy to have their proper meals, you see them holding either bread, pita or sandwich that can satisfy their hunger. Currently, there are breads of sandwiches with ham, cheese, salami, tuna and salmon or hotdogs and burgers with beef, chicken, lamb, fish patties. Even donuts can be categorize as bread. Unlike rice and noodles, bread is easier to handle and not time consuming, it is equally tasty as well if you got a good one. When bread becomes too common, people started to improvise it by creating more flavours and add in different ingredients into them. Fillings and the texture determines the success of a bread. In order to do so, the measurement and quality of the ingredients and skills are best to be standardise.

Every country has their own unique and signature bread or ways of eating the bread. This is known as the myriad cultures of bread. Bread becomes a necessity rather than a need or a luxurious type of food. The reason is that it is made up of inexpensive ingredients such as flour, water, sugar and grains. In the olden days, poor people can only afford to have bread instead of rice. The cultures of bread has been widely spread and share around the world, therefore I have the opportunity to have a taste of all sorts of breads from sourdough, rye bread, French baguette, Italian pizza (flat bread), Indian chapatti, Latin potato bread to South American cornbread. For Indians, roti is a staple food, dipping into all sorts of curries. For Aussie’s breakfast, is all about vegemite and toast. For the Chinese, “pao-zi” or “man-tou” are the traditional kinds of bread as their breakfast or snack. There are more of course under the list of bread that I have tasted such as pumpkin bread, Danish, rolls, fried bread, spelt and croissant. Indeed, I am fortunate with the beds of breads. Some bread uses different types of flour such as rice flour, wholemeal flour, banana bread, corn flour and rye flour compared with the normal breads which uses self-rising flour.

“Every coin has two sides” which include bread as well. Bread is such a scrumptious food item and easy to made and serve, it has disadvantages too. Bread is not genuinely part of a diet for weight lost. Nowadays, there are gluten free bread which exclude the use of wheat, rye, barley and even oats. However, other factors still affecting the quality of bread. Commercial bread uses a lot of bread improvers and chemicals in order to prolong the lifespan of the bread. Often, these breads are not freshly bake from the oven and lack of nutrients. Besides that, there are some breads are bake in excess of oil, sugar and butter which are fattening substances. There are some who argue bread as something unhealthy, they are starchy and not entirely processed in a hygienic condition especially the ones made from factories. As a bread lover, I could not easily remove my passion and give resistance towards them. Bread as one of the oldest prepared foods, we really can’t just demolish it or not eating it. We should always cherish such an ancient history food and make it sustainable.


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