You are the apple of my eye.
I have showered all the love for you.
Why do I labelled you as the apple?
Apple looks like a heart that defined love.
Preventing me from visiting the doctor too.
However, I can’t just ignore orange, banana and kiwi.
My eyes is not just meant for apple.
Apple on the Internet is not the fruit.
It has added on to something relating to technology.
The name “Steve Jobs” appear as he created Apple.
A commodity that the apple logo becomes a fixation.
The Apple becomes a possession and a communication tool.
Apple on Snow White’s hand is poisonous.
It is an evil item that cast under spell.
She took a bite of the attractive looking apple.
The shiny and polished apple skin must be removed beforehand.
Looking at the red apple, it represents dangerous.
Green skin of the apple as representative of the nature.
Inside, yellow or white shows the pure inner beauty of an apple.
I seek myriad of apples that grows on trees.
From Pink Lady to Granny Smith apples, I adore them all.
Hand holds the apple, teeth bite on the crunchiness in it.
Baked pies with apples, cakes with apples, salad with apples.
Everything seems to go well with apple.
Remember the story of how the apple fell down from the tree on Newton’s head, creating the idea of gravitational force.
Apple has the power with meanings constantly being made and continuously been used in the human world.



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