Time speaks the life and manifest the ongoing circumstances that happens in particular locations. We often said “at the same time”. The words obviously tell us something happen at a time where other different events occurred too simultaneously. Time is interesting to be discussed as gradually you will see that time has partial invisibility that is able to hold the upmost power on every human kind. It is true that we see on our clock of the time and the dates on calendar, but does it really proves the exact date and time to be correct? If it really does, is there any meanings of the time moving by seconds, by minutes, by hour, by day, by month and by year? Convenience of recording something that has happen on a specific time is probably the key factor of having a date and a time.

“Time and tide wait for no man”, this phrase tells us the importance of time, that “it” should not be wasted, nor should “it” be used in a meaningless person, work and object. Waiting involves time, and patience means giving yourself some time. Every social and cultural practices requires the terminology of time. Have you ever been waiting for someone that is late or have you ever been rushing for something? Both generally describes time but in a more subjective manner as you felt that you are genuinely racing with time. This competition will never end as time moves on and so does your life. When a person is late, the time on that person’s watch is moving faster than usual but in reality it is still moving at the same pace. When someone is in a boring lecture, they will find time moving like a tortoise, but is it true? Our human minds see time in many positions and the perspective of time is interchangeable. We heard people said:” Oh, he was such a baby when I last saw him!” Well, adults tend to look at children growing in a rapid pace. It was particularly weird as I find child star grew up faster than I thought at the same amount of time when I was growing up.

It is not a big deal when we can’t turn the clock back as we have already accept the fact that it is impossible. I wonder do everyone really wish to turn the clock back, to experience those happy moments again and freeze the time of joy and laughter. However, what happens to those sad moments and unwanted experiences? When I was going towards the train station this morning, I told myself not to rush for the train even it is due out in 1 min. But funnily, it becomes a habit for me to rush as I was desperate for everything and unwillingly to wait for the next train. I have always been respecting people who have patience on something or someone. It takes some determination too in sustaining such a value in life. I can still remember vividly when I studied science in college that time is often used in experiments. It is one of the most important variable that affects the reaction that taken place. “Time” itself is too generalised. Looking in depth of time in respective to films or even in reality, there is real time, passionate time, objective time, subjective time and chronological time.

Chronological is something in a sequential motion where everything happens in order, it represents our story and life. Objective time refers to the clock and the date whereas subjective time is virtually constructed like punctuality and patience. Real time is widely used in certain films, the events seems to correlate with our reality unlike science fiction and Disney animation movie that time seems to be moving faster than we thought and everything happens in a split second. “A split second” reminds me how things just happen just after a second. They said 3-4 babies are born every second. Time is sometimes very ignorant as it does not stop for us nor does it notice us, it does not really go in a pace that we desire. Even incomparable to the air we breathe, time is just nowhere to be found.

Lastly, time is stressed in our daily life especially when to have our meals, when to take our shower and when is our bedtime. In a longer run, we see time as in when to find a job, when to further our studies, when to book for a body check-up or when to marry. What happens when time stops and no one ever see time as something that has never existed? Everything will be in a mess. Personally, it is a good practice in life when you frequently save time, be organized and enable to meet deadlines. Try to regard time as something precious but then again everything could be in moderation. Time lies in such a neutral context, we can be harsh on ourselves and race with it or sometimes we can even take a break. When we use a period of time in making effort into someone or something that the results or outcomes eventually are unbearable. We do not lose anything, we just lost to time. Time will not laugh at us nor will it support us. The vital fact is that we do not lose ourselves and we do not give up on time, hope and life. We continually spend the time and strive for the best. 


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