Another Malaysian food outlet has yet arrive in Sydney. I have never missed my home country’s food until I really experience the absence of it. The aroma of every single dishes brings out the national identity within me as a Malaysian. Why do we always crave for our own food in the end, even though we constantly complaining that we have it almost every single day? People funnily go for their own kind of comfort food, it is the habit and familiarity that cause this phenomena. Talk about my food, I can’t escape from CHAR KEOW TIAO, ASAM LAKSA, PRAWN NOODLE, ROTI CANAI, NASI LEMAK, CHICKEN RICE, HOR FARN NOODLE, BAN CHANG KUIH, KEOW GAK, SATAY, MEE GORENG, MUAR CHI, KEOW TIAO SOUP, MEE REBUS… The list just goes on and on and of course not every dish that I desire is available in Sydney. Fortunately, I can still find authenticity in the Sydney version of Malaysian food and surprisingly they are good. It will not taste that bad if it is a Malaysian cook? Well, trust me; there is always an exceptional. I find that you can never have a perfect restaurant serving each dishes at the very best quality. You will either find their popular dish is ultimately tasty or some equally satisfying whereas some dishes are just under rated and utterly disappointing. Food is such an obvious representative of every country. When people of other nationality taste your home country’s food, you would want them to find it unique and the best of all. My love for Malaysian delights grows day by day as I venture into world of variety cuisines because I get to compare each of them and eventually choose something that has always match with my taste bud.

Love for Malaysian delights…

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